‘World’s Biggest Bounce House’ Boston 2023 Ticket Information – NBC Boston

'World's Biggest Bounce House' Boston 2023 Ticket Information – NBC Boston

A massive inflatable castle billed as the largest in the world is returning to the Boston area this summer, and it’s bringing three friends with it.

The 16,000 sq.m. feet The “World’s Biggest Bounce House” will be open at the Topsfield Fairgrounds for two weekends in June, along with an inflatable sports arena, an inflatable obstacle course and another bounce house, according to The Big Bounce America, which is bringing the four massive objects around the country on tour.

When the main attraction was in the Boston area in 2019, it was only 10,000 sq. ft., but it held the Guinness World Record for the largest bouncy house in the world – although at least as of February, the record was officially held by an attraction in Dubai.

The world’s largest horse house has made its way to Massachusetts! Big Bounce America set up their inflatable bouncy castle Friday, as well as a 900-foot obstacle course and a space-themed wonderland in Fredericks Park. The event, which is part of a tour through 40 major US cities, has already been enjoyed by an estimated 200,000. The event runs through…

Anyone who wants to bounce around the four huge squares when they return can buy tickets here. The event will be open Saturday and Sunday 17.-18. June and Friday-Sunday 23-25 June.

Tickets are timed and grouped by age and range from $22 to $45.

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