Woman quits job at LinkedIn to travel the world, post goes viral

Woman Leaves Her Job At LinkedIn To Travel The World, Post Is Viral

Aakankhsa Monga left his job in 2022.

We all want to pursue their passion at some point in our lives – some people are able to do so by choosing their profession that is similar to their passion, while others end up choosing their passion over their day job. A similar story of a Delhi-based woman who quit her job to follow her true passion, travel, is going viral on the internet. She left her job in 2022 and reflected on her decision a year later.

Now a content creator, Aakanksha Monga took to Twitter on May 17 to share her story. She wrote: “I quit my job at LinkedIn. Last year, on this very date. When I left, I promised myself to give myself 1 year to focus on my passion and travel the world full time.” She added that she was extremely burnt out, worked alone and had around 2,50,000 followers on Instagram.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Monga worked at the company for six months from January to June 2022 as a Creator Manager Associate.

In another tweet, Monga compared his journey a year later. She said she “follows her truth”. “1 year later: 250,000 TO 700,000+ community, traveled through 12 countries (8 of them solo!), built a team of 6, built TravelAMore!, shot and posted 300+ videos, worked with 30+ brands,” she wrote in the Post Office.

Ms Monga added that she is still burnt out at times and has to work longer hours.

Since being shared on the microblogging platform, her post has garnered over 1.7 lakh views and over a thousand likes.

“Make your passion your career and you will always excel! Congratulations,” said one user.

“You have inspired millions to follow their passion. Huge respect,” said another person.

A third person commented: “That’s amazing! Following your passion and traveling the world full-time sounds like an incredible adventure.”

But some people also had a different take on her decision.

One user added: “People with a huge safety net end up talking nonsense like this and make hard working people look like non-achievers. Let her leave all her family’s wealth and talk about chasing passions.”

“Life of elites, dream of many…” said another person

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