Whole-food, plant-based meals are made easy with meal delivery from the entire harvest

Whole-food, plant-based meals are made easy with meal delivery from the entire harvest

Chef-prepared plant-based meals are now available to everyone with Whole Harvest’s meal delivery plans. These fresh and oil-free recipes are the perfect solution for any busy person looking for a healthier diet with convenient delivery to their door.

Eating healthy and delicious meals is sometimes out of reach for the average person. With busy schedules, lack of time to cook, and expensive or hard-to-find ingredients, it seems impossible. A cycle begins with ordering food or settling for less than you deserve to try to eat plant-based and healthy.

Meal delivery from Whole Harvest is changing this for people everywhere. These plant-based, chef-prepared and oil-free meals are delivered right to one’s front door to help them on their health journey with delicious options.

This is how the whole harvest works

Whole Harvest is a meal delivery service that provides weekly shipments of delicious, fresh food. With recipes designed and created by chefs, it focuses on exclusively plant-based foods with no oil and 100% fresh ingredients for the highest quality taste.

Each delivery contains fully prepared meals, making customers’ lives that much easier. Each week features a new menu with delicious flavors and ingredients to spark interest and keep users invested in their health journey. The wide range of plant-based and fresh ingredients, made without added oils or unhealthy items, help boost heart health and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Whole Harvest is as easy as signing up and selecting the menu to arrive at incredible meals. All orders receive the options of cereal bowls, comfort foods and snacks to choose from each week that nourish the body and mind while providing tempting flavors to satisfy cravings. Both new recipes and old favorites make up each week’s lunches or dinners as customers begin to reap the benefits of plant-based, heart-healthy meals throughout the day.

The benefits of the entire harvest

Whole Harvest’s entire menu is created to be heart healthy. With heart disease a leading cause of illness in the United States, it is imperative to work on your health with something as simple as the foods you eat on a daily basis. Whole Harvest has designed recipes that support heart health for a healthier and happier life.

Chefs and nutritionists work together to use the best plant-based ingredients in the creation of these doctor-recommended meals. Whole Harvest is also environmentally friendly with their packaging and shipping practices, and they support local farmers with the purchase and use of their products.

Whole Harvest offers several plan options to meet individual needs. By choosing a weekly delivery or ordering on demand, customers can choose from a variety of plans to suit their preferences.

In addition, they have the Flexbox option, which does not require any subscription. With this option, customers have the freedom to buy 8-12 meals at a time whenever they want. This enables them to conveniently fill up on our ready-to-eat, plant-based meals, ensuring they always have a nutritious and health-promoting option close at hand.

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