What are the best dishes in Mississippi?

What are the best dishes in Mississippi?

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi has plenty of delicious dishes that people across the state love. Some of these dishes are signature staples of the Mississippi Delta.

Here are some of the dishes that are popular across the state:

Mississippi Mud Pie

According to Visit Mississippi, the exact origin of this treat is unknown. A Mississippi Mud Pie is a rich chocolate dessert composed of pudding, cake, biscuits, ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows and liqueur.

There are many ways to make this delicious dessert. You will be sure to find this dessert at some restaurants in Mississippi.

Comeback sauce

This sauce originates from the Mayflower Café in Jackson, according to Visit Mississippi. Its base consists of mayonnaise and chili sauce, which help give it its characteristic taste.

You will be able to find comeback sauce in many Mississippi restaurants.

Fried dill pickles

Legend has it that this snack was invented at The Hollywood Café when the chef sliced ​​dill pickles, dipped them in catfish batter and tossed them in the fryer.

Delta Tamales

Delta tamales are another Mississippi gem. Tamales are boiled instead of steamed, have a gritty texture from the use of cornmeal, and contain more spice than some other varieties.

Visit Mississippi officials said you can enjoy tamales with a side of chili and pretzels in the Delta.

Pressed Po’Boy

Po’Boys are a staple across the South, and Mississippi has its own version. The Pressed Po’Boy was first introduced by Rosetti’s Old Biloxi Café in the 1940s, according to Visit Mississippi.

The po boys can come with shrimp, oysters, crab or even roast beef!

Mississippi Seafood

With part of Mississippi located along the Gulf of Mexico, seafood has become a part of many signature dishes in Mississippi, including fresh shrimp and crab.

Mississippi is also known for its many catfish dishes.

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