Two arrested after child injured during argument over washing dishes

Two arrested after child injured during argument over washing dishes

Natasha Gibson and Randy Laffoon. Image courtesy of Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Logan County Sheriff’s Department says a couple has been arrested after an argument over the dishes sent a child to the hospital.

Deputies were called to St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City on May 12 for a possible child abuse case that occurred in Logan County.

According to the report, the child got into an argument about the dishes with her mother’s boyfriend, Randy Laffoon, the day before.

The child told deputies that Laffoon ‘wrapped his arms around her torso and threw her to the floor in the kitchen,’ causing her to hit her head on a nearby washing machine lid.

She said Laffoon then sat on top of her, leaving her unable to breathe.

Her mother, Natasha Gibson, just stood and watched as he did it, according to the report.

Later in the argument, Laffoon allegedly grabbed the girl’s hair and forced her to go outside to a trailer on the property. The child told investigators he would pull her if she lost her footing.

“During the incident, [the victim] stating that she observed Natasha standing by and watching and never intervened or attempted to stop the altercation,” the report reads.

Deputies at the hospital recorded bruises on the child’s left arm, left elbow and neck, as well as a scratch on her nose.

Randy Laffoon was arrested on a complaint of child abuse by injury and Natasha Gibson was arrested on a complaint of enabling child abuse by injury.

Both are in the Logan County Jail.

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