The world’s most expensive ice cream is made from white truffles and costs over $6,000 per ice cream.

The world's most expensive ice cream is made from white truffles and costs over $6,000 per ice cream.

Scoop, that’s it – the world’s most expensive ice cream, that is.

Guinness World Records has named a Japanese ice cream the most expensive on the planet, thanks to its price of 880,000 yen ($6,380), CNN reported Monday. The incredible dollar amount is due in part to the dessert’s star ingredient: white truffles sourced exclusively from Alba, Italy.

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“It took us over a year and a half to develop, with a lot of trial and error to get the taste right,” a representative from Cellato, the brand that makes the ice cream, told Guinness World Records.

Technically, Cellato calls the frozen treat a gelato, and its name — byakuya, or “white night” in Japanese — is a nod to its most notable ingredient. Along with the white truffle, which by itself can sell for as much as ¥2 million (US$14,500) per kilogram, the dessert contains two types of cheese, edible gold leaf and sakekasu, a paste-like item created in the process of making sake. To come up with the taste, Cellato worked with chef Tadayoshi Yamada, who oversees the French-Japanese restaurant RiVi in Osaka.

The ice cream and its ingredients

The ice cream and its ingredients

Those who have the means to purchase the ice cream will also receive a handmade metal spoon meant to be used to enjoy the dessert. Cellato advises lucky tasters to pour in the white truffle just as the ice cream softens. If it arrives to you too frozen, the company says to thaw the ice cream at room temperature or microwave it at exactly 500 watts for 10 to 20 seconds. And if you are interested in eating your dessert with some sparkling accompaniments, sake or French white wine is recommended.

Cellato also sells a black-truffle version of its ice cream, and CNN noted that the brand hopes to expand into flavors including other luxury ingredients like champagne and caviar. While all of these items come with a charge, Cellato isn’t just focused on price. The company said it is working to combine European ingredients and traditional Japanese foods, opening consumers’ palates to unique combinations.

A white-truffle ice cream certainly meets that bar, and it set a world record in the process.

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