NEWS Zona Dorada has at least 20 accidents with ‘giant speed bumps’ —

Zona Dorada has at least 20 accidents with 'giant speed bumps' --

Heavy machinery begins with the elimination of speed bumps in the Zona Dorada.Photo: Fausto McConegly | Mazatlan Sun

The mayor pointed out that these speed bumps have brought a lot of social pressure. In addition, after the speed bumps are installed, traffic accidents occur frequently and are imminent.

Bitter Mazatlán – Near noon on Monday, the pedestrian bridge began to be demolished on Avenida Camarón Sábalo in the prime strip, where at least 20 accidents occurred.

The Arhe Group put up the “big speed bump” in August last year, supposedly to reduce road accidents in the area, although there has never been any road study to prove this, not even an application for a permit, instead it is the business group working with The agreement between then mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

These speed bumps benefit the gastronomic corridors that are being built in the area, as well as the Mazatlan hotels with their gastronomic complexes, both belonging to the same Arhe group.

Current city president Edgar González Zataráin said there was a lot of social pressure on the giant bumps, and the urgency to remove them was due to the amount of traffic that had occurred since they were placed event.

From September 2021 to the present, a total of 20 traffic accidents have occurred, of which 15 people were injured and 7 people were sent to the hospital, involving 27 cars, 5 motorcycles and 1 bicycle.

Removing the bumps is an agreement between the business group and the municipality, and the resulting costs will be borne by both parties.

the cathedral one stays

In August, another elevated walkway was built between the cathedral and the Municipal Palace, but this one was built by the city council.

In this regard, the city announced that it has invested 254,210.13 pesos of public resources in this regard.

“The one above the cathedral stays, remember these works are audited, they are public resources, if it doesn’t reach the audit of the normal period, I can’t remove it, it’s next year, once they are audited, at that Before it could not be moved,” the mayor explained.

Source: El sol de Mazatlan

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