NEWS You can’t play one of the best Dead Space games of 2023

You can't play one of the best Dead Space games of 2023

blind spot Mobile (2011)
screenshot: EA/Xiao Zhai

recently posted blind spot remake is a triumph among video game remakes, many of which have not been well received by fans over the past few years.And as a huge blind spot Fans, I’m more than happy to see EA spending money on franchises again — and to good effect.But, I can’t help but think of a blind spot A game that EA has buried and most people have forgotten. that game is blind spot mobilea fantastic pocket horror game that desperately needs to be given a second chance.

Let’s go back in time.It’s 2011, years from the first blind spotLaunched in 2008. dead space 2 Coming out soon, and with it in the franchise. But the game won’t be releasing on consoles or PC.Instead, the confusingly named blind spot (often referred to online as blind spot mobile) to iOS and Android devices.At the time I was thinking: How good can a blind spot What exactly are mobile games? Then I played it and found that not only is it a great mobile game, but it’s also a great stand-alone horror game!

set before the event dead space 2, blind spot mobile Tells the story of Vandal, a new addition to the terrifying space cult that has been featured throughout the series.Spoiler Sent to Titan Space Station, Setting for Sequel, And unwittingly unleashes the Necromorph invasion of the space base, which Isaac has to deal with later in the console game.The rest of the blind spot The move involves saboteurs trying to sort out the massive mess, gain evidence against the cult, and help those on the space station escape. I won’t spoil its twists and turns, but it’s an engaging and tense horror adventure that will take most players about two to four hours to complete.

EA/Longyou Express

really make blind spot The mobile phone is so good because the developers behind the game designed it from the ground up as a mobile game. For example, to grab or interact with the world, you just touch things or switch with your fingers. No need for virtual buttons.when targeting the iconic blind spot Plasma cutter, you tilt the phone slightly to flip the laser from horizontal to vertical. That sounds finicky, but in practice it works pretty well even in some late-game areas that throw tons of nasty monsters at you.

Not only does it work well, but it feels so different from today’s big mobile games, which are often covered in virtual buttons and joysticks, that it feels like it was built with a controller or keyboard in mind and then ported over to the phone. blind spot On your little phone or tablet, mobile feels right at home.

if you play blind spot Playing on your phone with headphones on in a dark room, you’ll quickly forget that you’re playing a small phone match game and get lost in the dark hallways and creepy game atmosphere.Few mobile games scare me blind spot Mobile is on the shortlist.Despite its slightly clumsy graphics and limited lighting, this type of movement is blind spot Still a tense little masterpiece that has its limitations and doesn’t struggle with them.

Sadly, this is part of the story I have to explain blind spot mobile is not currently available on iOS or Android. In 2015, EA removed the game from the digital store Over the years it became unplayable on newer devices.

Now, if you own an Android device and you know what an APK file is and where to find it, you can still technically enjoy blind spot Mobile in 2023, thanks to crafty and loyal fans. But if you don’t, you’re out of luck, and it’s a shame that such a gem of a horror game was abandoned by EA.

A man in a space suit walks down a blood-soaked space station corridor.

blind spot Mobile (2011)
screenshot: EA

However, there may be hope blind spot mobile. I can confirm that the game runs fine on modern phones with just a few fan-made modifications.So it seems possible that EA will spend some money on a re-release blind spot Move on a newer phone.But even better: EA should take the time to launch blind spot Also mobile across consoles and PCs. Granted, it may need some changes, and it may require swapping out some very low-res assets, but it’s worth it. It will bring the game to more people and ensure that Dead Space mobile doesn’t fall behind again, as the PC version is more easily modded and updated by fans in the years to come.And when I think blind spot The movement feels perfect on the phone, and I think it’s still pretty good on the controller. Even the Nintendo Switch!

and blind spotso well done, it seems dead space 2 Remakes are likely to follow, and the mobile game fills some important holes in the series’ timeline, so a re-release seems even more Now more than ever.

Sadly, with The latest news on EA Killing mobile gamesit seems unlikely that the publisher will fund a minor remake blind spot Move anytime soon. But if it did happen, I’d be right there, ready to spend money to buy and replay this wonderful horror game again.

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