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Orangetheory Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness chains in the United States. If you’ve ever seen a bunch of people walking around the mall in orange, chances are you’ve seen Orangetheory in action.

So, have you ever wondered what’s going on here? Does it really work? How many sessions should you take before seeing results? Here’s what you need to know about fitness chains.

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with traditional cardiovascular workouts. HIIT involves alternating between short bouts of high-intensity exercise and recovery time, while steady-state cardio involves elevated heart rate over longer periods of time.

Research shows that HIIT is more effective than steady-state cardio for fat loss, but Orangetheory uses both for better overall fitness benefits.

Orangetheory Fitness trainer Eli Ingram says the classes are a full-body workout because “in one-hour workouts, they include exercises for endurance, strength or power. With the variety of templates we employ, no two workouts are exactly the same of.”

When workouts vary from day to day, you can keep your muscles guessing and keep you from getting burned out and bored with your routine.

What are the different “zones” in Orangetheory Fitness classes?

These Orangetheory workouts are based on a theory called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which boosts metabolism for up to 24 hours after high-intensity exercise. Each zone is associated with a percentage of your maximum heart rate.

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  • This gray area It is light activity that feels comfortable and not strenuous.
  • This blue zone is a warm-up that you should be able to do for up to 20 minutes without being completely out of breath.
  • Heping District Known as your “base pace”.
  • This orange area (84–91% MHR) is the “orange effect,” which involves high-intensity exercise.
  • red zone (92–100% MHR) is your all-out effort.

What is it like to take a Orangetheory course?

Ingram breaks up the one-hour classes into three parts: time spent on the treadmill, rowing machine and on the floor.

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1) Treadmills are a popular machine at Orangetheory. It helps simulate the outdoors and can give you an athletic edge, Ingram says. You can get more out of your workout by varying the speed or incline of the machine.

2) Rowing is a full-body workout that mimics the natural rowing technique used in the water. Rowing machines focus on different energy systems in your body depending on how long, how fast and how far you row.

3) Floor exercises are part of the strength training portion of the course. The instructor demonstrates each exercise using TRX straps, benches, free weights, and mini bands. Then students can do as many sets as they want.

Should You Try Orangetheory Fitness Classes?

Workout intensity is determined by your heart rate zone and is suitable for all fitness levels. The studio offers many modifications, and based on factors such as your height and weight, these areas will be unique to you.

Orangetheory’s workout routine is one of the reasons many members say they stick with their exercise program. Coaches can also focus on personalizing each member’s workout rather than demonstrating each exercise or explaining each move.

Orangetheory’s customization options make it a good workout choice for many people. However, it is important to consult a physician before embarking on any serious program.

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If you’re looking for an intense yet convenient workout, Orangetheory Fitness might be just for you.

You can work out at your own level and increase your intensity while building endurance and losing weight. Another great thing about Orangetheory Fitness is the emphasis on science in its workout regime, which supports its claims of faster results.

Orangetheory Fitness is a promising and affordable way to achieve your fitness goals. While there may not be a studio in your city yet, there are plenty of ways to try exercising at home or on vacation. If you can overcome some of its disadvantages, you will enjoy all the benefits of being an Orange member.

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