NEWS Video of kids covering manhole to prevent accidents wins internet

Video of kids covering manhole to prevent accidents wins internet

We have learned many inspirational life lessons from our children. Such acts of kindness, documented in a video, went viral on social media. Footage shows children covering an open manhole along the busy road to prevent any major accidents. The video, which surfaced on the internet, was posted on Twitter by Awanish Sharan, an official of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Two children with bags can be seen walking down a busy road when an open manhole is seen. However, they decided to stop and find a solution on the road. Children can be seen carrying large stones and placing them around the manhole to avoid any major accidents.

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“You are never too young to make a difference,” the IAS official wrote in the video.

The video of the children’s humble behavior has garnered more than 18,000 views on the Weibo site. The Internet also praised the children’s efforts. “Great human beings, God bless you children,” said one of the users. Another responded, “Providing young people with guidance in the right direction.”

“They teach us to appreciate work,” wrote a third user. “Inspiring,” another user commented.

Sharan is constantly sharing inspirational and informative tweets on social media. Recently, IAS officials shared a photo on Twitter of the growing importance of water conservation.

The photo shows a man standing with a placard that reads: “Can’t get enough, ask for Cepani.” This powerful message caught the attention of many users who appreciated the following Such an easy way to send a powerful message.

“Drink half a glass of water in hotel restaurants. Ask for more only if necessary,” read the caption of the now-popular post.

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