NEWS UTA drivers celebrate 4 million accident-free miles

UTA drivers celebrate 4 million accident-free miles

Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4) – in what Utah Transit Authority In what is said to be a likely national first, bus driver Dale Brady passed the remarkable milestone of driving 4 million miles behind the wheel without an accident.

Brady joined UTA in April 1976 and has been a bus driver for nearly all of UTA’s 52-year history. On December 29, local bus drivers had an incredible New Year’s Eve feat. UTA said Brady may be the only bus driver to have safely driven 4 million miles and celebrated his achievement by thanking him for his service.

As for Brady, he’s happy to do the job.

“I’m not a big fan of honking my horn — it’s just driving,” Brady said. “I chose to work for a good company, I drove a lot of hours and it provided my family with necessities.”

More important to Brady than the record are his colleagues, the other UTA bus operators. UTA says many of its drivers have driven millions of miles, and Brady says they deserve recognition as well.

One of those drivers was Brady’s friend of 46 years, Art Lefebvre. LeFevre dies in July 2022, approaching the same 4 million accident-free milestone. Brady reportedly drove the extra mile before LeFevre passed so they could hit the milestone together.

“Art is closer than I am,” Brady said. “If his health hadn’t declined, he would have gotten there first.”

Brady was recognized by UTA’s Board of Directors in January for his work with the company and will be recognized by UTA’s Board of Directors later this month utah state legislature At the first Transportation Committee meeting on January 20th.

“I am honored to share this moment with Dale, his family and the UTA family,” said UTA Executive Director Jay Fox. “Dale’s 46 years came in just one day and one trip. He is a great example of how UTA impacts the lives of our riders and our communities as we transport them to key destinations and opportunities every day.”

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