NEWS UP bike shop owner dies in car crash

UP bike shop owner dies in car crash

Steven Pringle, 57, owner of Build a Bicycle – Bicycle Therapy in the UP town of Kingsford, who was the subject of a recent Detroit Free Press story, was killed in a car crash in Punta Gorda, Florida, Nov. 23 day.

He drove there that day to distribute free bikes to children displaced by Hurricane Ian in September. So his final act sums up the purpose of his life.

The story, published Nov. 6 in the Free Press, followed him on a two-day spree of impulsiveness and random generosity that culminated in the police being summoned for a horseback ride through downtown Iron Mountain.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, Steven Pringle, owner of Build a Bicycle - Bicycle Therapy, donated three bicycles to the nuns of the Carmelite Convent of Holy Cross on Iron Mountain. The nuns asked them to pray, and since then he has tried to return their favor by bringing unannounced gifts.

Born and raised in Marquette, he joined the military, served in Lebanon in the 80s, returned home to Michigan, worked as a car salesman and eventually owned his own car dealership.

But he got stuck and lost everything. Years ago, when he was down on luck and living in an old camper van, he had an epiphany one night that led him to start a bike repair business with the sole purpose of giving distressed veterans something to keep them Get away from problems for a while. although. “Bike therapy,” he calls it. Somehow, it morphed into an actual bike shop. He continued to give away bikes for free despite everyone’s advice to stop doing it, and the shop inexplicably became more and more successful.

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