NEWS Types of School Bus Accidents and How Your Lawyer Can Help

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Many potential scenarios could occur. Either way, accidents can happen and children will be at risk.

Driving a school bus requires extra care and skill mainly because you have to be careful and watch out for children. After all, driving with a lot of kids can be stressful, and it can only get worse if an accident occurs.

Unfortunately, school bus accidents are common these days. However, regardless of the accident, you can still seek compensation. So if you’re interested in learning more about the most common types of bus accidents and how your attorney can help, this article is for you.

when other drivers are involved

Usually, the bus driver is cautious when approaching a stop sign, while the other driver behind him is not. Or when you are another driver and a bus shows up before you approach the next intersection.

Many potential scenarios could occur. Either way, accidents can happen and children will be at risk. In both cases, you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses, whether you were the other driver or your child was on the bus. You’ll need to contact an attorney who specializes in bus accidents, but it’s worth it.

Another helpful thing you can do if a bus driver is careless and distracted is to report it to your city’s transit system. Assuming you’re from Austin, Texas, you can file a complaint with Capital Metro and they’ll take care of any violations to prevent future accidents.

However, dangerous collisions – even fatal – can result in serious injuries if a school bus and other vehicles collide, such as:

  • to whip
  • back and neck injuries
  • fracture
  • chronic pain
  • head injury

Suppose your child suffers any of these injuries. In this case, you should contact Austin Bus Accident Lawyers immediately who will evaluate your case to determine liability and the compensation you deserve.

pedestrian accident

The second type of school bus accidents is much more common—pedestrians. In this case, you may be crossing a crosswalk and a school bus appears out of nowhere. The bus driver doesn’t see you and keeps hitting you despite you walking cautiously to the other side.

These accidents, if not fatal, can cause lifelong injuries ranging from broken bones to paralysis. If you are a victim, you can always consult a qualified lawyer as they can assist you in taking further legal steps.

Soft focus shot of kids on a school bus; image courtesy of Jeswin Thomas via

Again, you should contact a Texas bus accident attorney if an accident occurred under these circumstances. These attorneys will help with your claim while you spend time recovering. They also gather all the evidence to make sure you have solid evidence to bring to court.

School bus passenger injured

Last but not least, the most common bus accidents involve injuries to the occupants of the bus. Sometimes, even though the bus driver reported the breakdown of the bus to the company, they were told to drive with them.

Or, last night’s rain made the roads slippery, making your route more difficult. As a result, you and the students on your bus have suffered many injuries ranging from bruises to more serious head and neck injuries.

Of course, you can always seek the help of an attorney to file a claim or file a lawsuit against the school bus company, especially if your child has been harmed in any way. You need to contact Austin Accident Lawyers as they know the laws of your state better so they can handle any case without any hassle.

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