NEWS Two major accidents on I-84 raise safety concerns

Two major accidents on I-84 raise safety concerns

It’s been a dangerous week for drivers on I-84. Two major accidents caused hours of traffic jams and claimed the life of at least one driver.

Fatal accident on I-84 in Greenville, NY

An accident investigation is ongoing into a crash that killed a truck driver. The New York State Police (NYSP) reported that the 69-year-old driver “veered out of the driveway, hit a wire, crashed into a ditch on the southeast shoulder, hit a tree, jackknifeed and came to a stop. The driver’s dog survived.

Tractor trailer accident on I-84 in New York

The accident followed another tractor-trailer crash on I-84 in which a truck carrying a large amount of lumber overturned on the interstate, completely blocking the road (below). Fortunately, the driver involved escaped with only minor injuries.

truck crashes in new york

A growing number of people in the Hudson Valley believe there has been an increase in large truck crashes in recent months. Multiple garbage trucks also overturned, disrupting traffic on Highway 17 (below), and there was an incident on the Middle Hudson Bridge on Highway 44/55.

Garbage truck overturns on Route 17 (NYPD via Facebook)

Garbage truck overturns on Route 17 (NYPD via Facebook)

Driving Safety in the Hudson Valley

Winter will only increase the likelihood of dangerous road conditions in the Hudson Valley and urge drivers to be cautious. Some safety starts before you even hit the road; check out the best snow and ice removal tips for your vehicle below.

Have You Tried These Top 10 Deicing Tips for Deicing?

These are the 10 snow and ice removal life hacks you absolutely need to know.

Gypsy moth ‘accidental’ release sparks ‘nightmare’ in New York

After 10 to 15 years, the gypsy moths that had been “accidentally” released are back and causing a “nightmare” in New York.

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