NEWS Trendy reformer Pilates is taking over the fitness scene.Here are 8 places to take classes in Charlotte

Trendy reformer pilates are taking over the fitness scene. Here are 8 places to take a class in Charlotte

South End Core 704. Photo: McKenzie Rankin/Axios

Reformer Pilates is described as a low-impact, full-body workout that builds a strong core and builds muscle with a machine called the Reformer; I’m just calling it the hardest workout I’ve done in a long time.

Why it matters: Everyone from TikTok’s Fit-fluencers to The Today Show is singing the praises of reformer Pilates.

Know Before You Go: If you’ve been wondering what this popular workout is all about, we’ve rounded up 8 studios you can take a class right here in Charlotte.

Since 2020, BK Pilates has offered group classes and private training in Charlotte’s South End and South Park studios.

New member benefits: Group lessons $25; private lessons $85 or $79 unlimited 7 days.

Price: Starting at $45 per lesson, $400 for course packages, and $129 for monthly unlimited plans.

address: South End Studios: 1520 S. Blvd #120; South Park Studios: 4810 Ashley Park Lane Suite D

Club Pilates, founded in San Diego in 2007 and has multiple locations in Charlotte, offers reform classes 7 days a week from 6am to 8pm. Choose from seven course options such as CP Reformer Flow, CP Cardio Sculpt, and CP Center and Balance.

New member benefits: Take your first lesson for free.

Price: Membership-only studio with options from 4 lessons per month to unlimited lessons. Pricing is announced during the introductory class.

address: Dilworth’s Pilates Club (1247 E. Blvd #250) and South Providence (10822 Providence Road #800), and other Charlotte-area studios, including Matthews, Mooresville and Huntersviile.

If you’re looking for unconventional reformer Pilates, check out Core 704’s CoreFORMER class. It’s a high-intensity, low-impact workout for reformers that burns 300 to 600 calories at a timeā€”it feels like a club, with neon lights and electronic dance music throughout the class.

My thought bubble: I work out 5 days a week and still can’t match the CoreFORMER class – it leaves me sore for days. A good sore spot though; I’d love to do it again.

New member benefits: Get one week of unlimited access for $45, or one month for $99.

Price: Core704 has several payment options, including ClassPass, course packages, and unlimited memberships for $169 per month.

address: South End Studios: 2729 South Avenue; Norda Studio: 2300 N. Davidson Street

With a similar club feel to Core704, national Pilates chain Solidcore is “Get a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout on the Pilates-inspired reformer, according to their website.

Our thought bubble:Solidcore is by far the hardest workout I’ve ever done (and I’ve tried many, many types). I never thought of myself as strong or athletic, but Solidcore has changed the way I think about myself,” says Brianna Crane of Axios.

Precautions: The SouthPark studio will open on December 12, 2022.

New member benefits: $69 for two weeks of unlimited use

Price: get four $108 per month for courses, $192 for eight courses, or $249 per month for unlimited courses. Five-piece course sets start at $145. A class is $32, but they have instructor classes for $15 a class.

address: South End Studios: 1932 Hawkins Street; South Park Studios: 4310 Sharon Road

Members and non-members can take Reformer Pilates classes at Sara’s YMCA in Ballantyne through the Y’s paid group training program.

New member benefits: There are no deals for newbies, but the prices are significantly lower than what you might pay elsewhere.

Price: Prices vary based on membership and number of classes. For example, the 10-level package costs $180 for members and $235 for non-members.

address: Sarah’s YMCA: 15940 Brixham Hill Drive

Located in Myers Park, Charlotte Pilates is a boutique studio specializing in private, semi-private and small group lessons.

New member benefits: The studio offers a $195 package for new clients.

Price: Group lessons are $30 per lesson; you can also buy a 5-lesson package for $150 or a 10-lesson package for $300.

address: 2711 Randolph Road Ste. 509

This South End studio offers Reformer Pilates through semi-private classes (up to five people) and private lessons.

New member benefits: With their Novice Reformer Package, get three sessions for just $180.

Price: Group lessons range from $40 for one session to $550 for 20 sessions. Virtual classes start at $15 per session and go up to $100 for 10 sessions.

address: 2108 South Avenue #202 (at Atherton Mill)

With over 20 years in Charlotte, ABsolute Pilates offers private, semi-private, and group lessons at their SouthPark studio.

New member benefits: 3 private presentations for $220.

Price: Private lessons start at $85 per lesson; group lessons start at $45 per lesson. Packages available for private and group lessons.

address: 6707 Jinxiu Road A

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