NEWS Towing companies respond to more than 100 accidents after snow fell Sunday night

Towing companies respond to more than 100 accidents after snow fell Sunday night

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – During Sunday night’s snowfall, a local tow truck company told Western Mass News they had crews on staff 24/7 to respond to crashes due to slippery roads.

For the first snowfall of the year, motorists may find driving conditions on the roads very slick. Interstate Towing reported that they had received a large number of calls related to crashes caused by heavy snow.

Interstate Towing general manager Stephen Gonneville told Western Mass News his crew responded to more than 100 incidents between Sunday night and early Monday morning.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Gunneville said. “The first storm of the year always brings out the worst and everyone forgets how to drive in the weather. We’ve been very busy right now dealing with splits, accidents and crashes all over Hampden and Hampshire ACCIDENT.”

Gonneville added that while the first snowfall of the year didn’t enforce parking bans in many communities, he wants people to know how dangerous it is to ignore them.

“Whenever parking bans go into effect, we always tow the truck. It’s crazy,” he said. “People don’t respect the parking ban, and with the snowstorm coming, there’s more snow on the side of the road, emergency vehicles can’t get through, so it’s very important to obey the parking ban, in case it’s an emergency vehicle driving down the street, They can drive on the road.”

Gunneville also warned drivers to take precautions when hitting the road in winter driving conditions.

“Just stay at home,” he said. “That’s the best option. Stay home until it’s over and the roads are clear and watch your speed. Speed ​​is very important. If you go too fast in the conditions, bad things will happen.”

In winter weather conditions, drivers should maintain a 5- to 6-second following distance to increase stopping distance from other vehicles, and accelerate and decelerate slowly to maintain traction and avoid skidding, the AAA said.

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