NEWS Top New Jersey Fast Food Restaurants

Top New Jersey Fast Food Restaurants

New Jersey Names Burger King Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant! They tracked spending and interest in fast food restaurants in every state, according to a survey by price-checking firm Pricelist, backed by additional surveys from Google Analytics.

In New Jersey, Burger King reigns supreme, followed by Chipotle and then McDonald’s. While McDonald’s has more than 40,000 locations nationwide, one every three miles, quality and variety have superseded standard fare.

Burger King has expanded their business, and they pride themselves on offering a more personally customized ordering and dining experience than McDonald’s.

Chipotle, on the other hand, took off quickly with the motto “Made with Integrity.” They offer custom-made bowls, tacos, and burritos made with fresh ingredients. The wait for food is a little longer, but customers know the freshness and custom concept are worth the wait.

Chipotle raises prices 4% to make up for rising wages

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As many Chipotle fans say, its food is far better than the same food that burger joints have always served. Look for more growth at Chipotle in NJ, although New Jerseyans might get a little impatient for fresh, I’m just saying.

Now that more people are returning to work, consumption of fast food in New Jersey has increased since the pandemic. Fast food joints and local restaurants are vying for your business, trying to recover from the devastating losses experienced by all businesses. As our schedules get busier, fast food becomes a great alternative to time-consuming prep and cooking at home, and is more cost-effective than restaurants. enjoy!

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