NEWS TikTok star Ali Doolin dies in car accident at 21

Ali Dulin

Popular social media influencer Ali Dulin, also known as Alid Spice, died in a car crash on Monday. This social media influencer is also popular on Tik Tok and Instagram. She is 21 years old.

According to the “Independent” report, the car accident happened in Florida, USA. Ali has nearly a million followers and has become popular for her dancing videos. Condolences were expressed as the news spread.

Her family shared a post on her official Instagram account asking fans and followers not to speculate anyone was involved in the crash. The lengthy statement also said the family was working closely with police to find out what happened.

Along with the photo of Ali, the statement in the caption read: “This is an alidspicexo around her 17th birthday. I’m posting this because this young lady made a mistake social media caught on to at this time in her life Created her own narrative, rumors and lies. Having been through this situation, we can assure you that our Ali does not want anyone using social media as a tool to harm others by accusing them of the crime that took her life.”

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It further said, “Our family is working with Florida Police to solve this crime. Please let them do their job and don’t let anyone down because you believe someone did this. We have every confidence that those responsible will be caught.” If you have information you think is valuable, please turn it over to the Florida Police. Let’s only post what we know to be true. At this time we don’t know who did it or if the driver was injured at the time. Our family thanks everyone Love and support for Ali. We can’t believe she’s gone.”

Many fans commented on the post, offering their condolences and well wishes to her family. Police have yet to provide an update on the progress of the investigation or the number of casualties, the Daily Star reported.

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