NEWS the ‘stan airbag’ quickly inflates the elastic seat and protects the rider from accidental injuries

the 'stan airbag' quickly inflates the elastic seat and protects the rider from accidental injuries

An airbag crossbody bag ensures safety

Cyclists and cyclists can pedal too fast, and they can be caught off guard by oncoming traffic, hitting them and bouncing them off their seats.and their helmet – assuming they’re wearing one – protects their head from injuries the rest of their body could suffer from accidents.

The French company is familiar with this situation. Known for its airbags, it has added a new product by developing STAN, a backpack that doubles as an airbag that deploys in 0.1 seconds to quickly cover the head, back of the cyclist and cyclist , chest and neck.

Image courtesy of In&Motion

It is a top priority for the design team of STAN Airbag to deploy the airbag as fast as 0.1 second. They refuse to allow cyclists and cyclists to be injured or injured in accidents, saying their priority is to protect the most exposed and vital parts of the body in the event of a fall, not just the head.

The airbag, which looks like a flotation device, is flat when stored in a backpack, but when it’s triggered, it inflates into a super bouncy cushion that looks like a seahorse. The design team believes their backpack slash airbag reduces the risk of head injury by 80%.

Stan Airbag Backpack
STAN Airbag is also a backpack

Stan airbag calls emergency hotline

STAN airbags may already sound appealing in motion Protecting vital parts of the body in falls and accidents, but air bag companies are taking it to the next level. Once an accident occurs, the backpack will call the emergency hotline as soon as possible. The 24/7 emergency call system integrated in the package alerts the emergency services closest to the accident area so that medical personnel can respond to the injured as quickly as possible.

Before using the feature, cyclists and cyclists will need to download In&Motion’s dedicated app and connect their smartphones to the STAN Airbag’s system. Once ready, the backpack will automatically provide emergency services and deploy a medical team without calling an ambulance.

Stan Airbag Backpack
Back pad of STAN Airbag slash backpack

The parachute-shaped bag is an airbag and a real backpack where cyclists and cyclists can keep their stuff. There is a separate space for a laptop, smartphone, accessories, and even a bottle of water. The STAN Airbag team is currently improving the functionality of the backpack, and those who want to try it out before it goes on sale can register their interest on it Place.

Stan Airbag Backpack
Cyclists and cyclists can easily carry their stuff in the bag

Stan Airbag Backpack
STAN airbag when the inflatable cushion is triggered

Project information:

Name: STAN airbag

company: in motion

Matthew Burgos | designboom

December 16, 2022

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