NEWS The black spot of more than 100 fatal accidents in a year has not been eliminated|Daily News Latest News India

The black spot of more than 100 fatal accidents in a year has not been eliminated|Daily News Latest News India

The recent accident at Avadh Crossing in Lucknow, in which a bus crashed into a stationary truck, killing the driver, again highlighted the safety risks posed by black spots on critical roads. Statistics show that last year, more than 680 accidents occurred in black spots throughout UP, killing 113 people. Despite this, no concrete steps have been taken to address this issue so far.

“It’s not enough to publish a list of blackspots every year. We can eliminate blackspots with small changes like widening roads, placing signage, rumble strips, creating dividers and placing stop signs in accident-prone areas,” said Smart City. said former Chief Engineer SK Jain, Lucknow.

Girish Mishra, a four-time company director, echoed this sentiment, saying: “Experts should come up with design solutions before more lives are lost, and engineers should find out what is behind accidents. Don’t forget , People should avoid drunk driving and reckless driving. The police should be vigilant to check cases of speeding and drunk driving.”

Major black spots in Lucknow include – Polytechnic Crossing, 1090 Crossing, Parag Crossing in Krishna Nagar, Summit Building intersection in Vibhuti Khand, Malhaur in Chinhat, Pakri Ka Pul on Old VIP Road, Engineering College in Madiaon, Tadikhana Tiraha and Purnia Dhal Keshavnagar, Galla Mandi at the intersection of Aliganj and Purnia, Samesi at Nagaram, Agra Highway at Para, Mavaiya at Alambagh, Bijnor intersection at Sarojini Nagar, Sahara National Highway Tiraha at Jankipuram, Matiyari at Chinhat, Avadh Rotary intersection, Hajauri Deva Intersection in Mohanlaganj, Sisendi Road, Gosainganj Ahimamau Intersection and Shaheed Path.

What are dark spots?

By definition, black spots are places where road accidents have historically been concentrated. Unfortunately, Uttar Pradesh has many such places. The government declares a specific point on roads, highways and highways a blackspot when there are five traffic accidents at the same location within three years.

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