NEWS Take a look at Madawaska’s vehicle accident statistics

Take a look at Madawaska's vehicle accident statistics

MADAWASKA, Maine (WAGM) – We bring you another story from our friends at WOWL in Madawaska. WOWL Reporter Thayne Leyrer and WOWL Photographer Alexander Dretchen spoke with school resource officials to learn more about the leading causes of vehicle accidents in the area.

WOWL Channel 16 interviews Lieutenant Jamie Pelletier about recent crash trends in the area

After we caught up with him, we asked him if he had noticed a pattern of driver inattention over the years

Lt. Pelletier said, “No, it’s been very consistent over the past few years, with roughly the same number of accidents and causes.”

Then he brought some statistics on the recent crash trends in the area

“So I looked at some stats here before talking to you guys. It seems like what’s happening more generally here is causing age and driver inattention, so the age of the drivers seems to be mostly between 55 and 80 male, then the cause of the accident is mainly the driver’s inattention, and it’s not about distraction, because we know people playing with mobile phones and distracted driving is a big problem, as far as the cause of the accident, we can’t say That’s what caused the accident,” he said.

Where do most car accidents happen? Well, he has that answer too.

“Most accidents occurred in the 25 mph area or in the parking lot. There were a few accidents in the 45 area,” according to Lt. Pelletier.

He explained three other accidents in depth

“There were three crashes involving personal injuries, one was a motorcycle and we talked about fatal accidents that resulted in excessive speed, there was another crash that was caused by another accident that I just explained to you , but there is one more due to a medical incident,” he said.

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