NEWS Singlife’s Lost Income Cash (Accident) is there for you when you need it – Manila Bulletin

Singlife's Lost Income Cash (Accident) is there for you when you need it – Manila Bulletin

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death and disability for people in the prime of life in the Philippines. Getting into a car accident is something we all want to avoid, but what if it happens? How do you deal with the financial impact when the income your family depended on is gone?

Being the source of income for a family comes with great responsibilities. When you work hard to put food on the table for them, your family depends on you. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so you need a plan to protect those most important to you. To help earners prepare for these situations, Singlife Philippines provides Lost Income (Accident) Cash. For a small monthly fee, you can cover 36 months of living expenses each month to protect your family. Payouts are provided monthly to replace the income you would normally earn. It allows recipients ample time to recover financially after an accident and adjust their lives to the new reality.

Cash for Income Loss (Accident) is unique in that it also covers accidents that other insurers typically do not cover, such as accidents caused by extreme recreational sports. Cash compensation for loss of income (accident) allows you to pursue your big life goals with peace of mind and confidence, knowing you have a backup plan if an accident occurs.

“One of the concerns we hear from our clients is how they will get by if their loved one becomes disabled or dies. They have asked us for a budget-friendly Protecting them from financial distress when they cannot earn income. For income loss cash (accidents) we do exactly that because losing a loved one is hard enough. For many it will be a good start products, we invite them to see what Singlife has in store for them,” said Rien Hermans, CEO, Singlife Philippines.

Buying cash for loss of income (accidents) is easy and fast. Customers can use their GCash app to gain protection for the price of a cup of coffee in as little as two minutes. Just estimate how much your family needs to live on each month, and with just a few clicks, you can protect them financially.

Income Lost Cash (Contingency) is divided into three different programs to suit the client’s needs and budget:

  • Gold: Provides a total benefit amount of PHP 1,800,000 (36 times 50,000) for only PHP 299 per month
  • Silver: Provides a total benefit amount of 1,080,000 pesos (36 times 30,000) for only 180 pesos per month
  • Bronze: Provides a total benefit amount of 720,000 pesos (36 times 20,000) for only 120 pesos per month

If the client becomes disabled, they will receive a monthly payout to continue supporting the family – as if he/she were still working. If a client dies as a result of an accident, the family will receive a cash payment to help ensure their financial needs are maintained.

“If you have a family, there is now a very affordable way to make sure that in the event of an accident that results in disability or death, you can show your love by making sure your family has a financial backup plan,” Hermans added.

GInsure on GCash provides income loss (accident) cash. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. Customers can purchase products in less than 2 minutes without filling out any paperwork. Your policy documents will be delivered to your email within minutes and a copy will always be available in your Gcash app.

To know more about Singlife’s Lost Income Cash (Accident), visit GCash.

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