NEWS Road accidents ‘to be reported within 4 minutes’

Road accidents 'to be reported within 4 minutes'

Dar es Salaam. Road accident reports can now be completed in up to four minutes.

Until then, police forces have adopted technology to speed up and revolutionize a process in one of the region’s highest accident rates.

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) on Wednesday handed over its new road safety app to the Dar es Salaam Police Service, an innovation from digital transformation firm Smart Codes.

Road accidents have become a major concern in Tanzania in recent years, with official figures showing 1,594 road accidents and around 1,191 deaths in the country in nine months (July 2021 and March 2022).

With the new app, which will initially be rolled out in Dar es Salaam for a two-year pilot study before being rolled out to other regions, traffic police will have a proven way to tackle traffic accidents and accidents in their city. ACCIDENT. To Nancy Riwa, Head of Logistics, TBL.

Handing over the safety app, Johnson Bebwa, Smart Codes marketing officer, said that unlike manual systems, police officers don’t have to return to the office to prepare a report after going to an accident scene.

With the new technology, traffic police can collect accident data at the scene, fill it out on a safety app and submit it to command within three to four minutes, he said.

Currently, under the manual system, traffic police have to spend a lot of time because they have to go to the scene, manually collect data through physical forms, and then return to the headquarters for summary.

“Forget the time it takes for the traffic police to go to the scene, collect the data and go back to the office. When they get back to the office, they need up to 10 minutes to write the report,” Mr Bebwa said.

TBL’s Riwa said that through the app, Tanzania’s traffic police will be able to gather information, resources and evidence-based advice that will help guide planning and mobilize efforts to improve road safety and save lives.

“TBL is proud to launch the Road Safety App, another step we are taking to make Tanzania safer, considering that road safety is an integral part of almost every aspect of everyday life and is critical to building sustainable cities and communities. important,” she said.

“The TBL Road Safety Program hopes to achieve sustainable cities and communities by improving surveillance literacy,” recalls Ms Riwa.

Chief Traffic Commander Ramadhani Ng’anzi expressed his delight that the app will assist traffic police in collecting road accident data digitally through our smartphones. “

“The app is designed to facilitate fast and efficient data collection. We can also view the data and reports from our mobile phone or dashboard, which can be accessed by traffic managers,” Mr Ng’anzi said.

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