NEWS Relatives protest slow autopsy of Nepal plane crash victims

Relatives protest slow autopsy of Nepal plane crash victims

POKHARA, Nepal (AP) — Grieving relatives of Nepal plane crash victims They grew impatient as they waited for authorities to perform an autopsy and cremate the body.

Yeti Airlines flight with 72 people on board crashes into canyon on Sunday While heading to the newly opened Pokhara International Airport at the foot of the Himalayas. There are no survivors.

“It’s been four days and no one is listening to us,” said a heartbroken Madan Kumar Jaiswal as he waited outside Tribhuvan University’s medical college on Wednesday.

He said he hoped the autopsy would be completed as soon as possible so the families of the deceased could receive the remains of their loved ones.

“They said they were going to do a DNA test. My daughter died,” said Ashok Rayamagi, the father of another victim.

Authorities did not comment on the results of Wednesday’s autopsy, but several of the bodies were reported to have been badly burned.

Some aviation experts said ground footage of the plane’s final moments showed the plane stalling, but the cause was unclear.

The search for the sole missing person resumed Wednesday with the help of divers and drones, police said. Workers closed a dam on the Seti River to help them search for bodies in the 300-meter (984-foot-deep) canyon.

A team of experts from the French aircraft manufacturer ATR visited the crash site in Pokhara, the gateway to popular hiking trails in the Himalayas.

EASA spokeswoman Janet Northcote said the Cologne-based European Union Aviation Safety Agency also said it was involved in the investigation, along with France’s air accident investigation agency BEA.

On Monday, searchers retrieved the cockpit voice and flight data recorders. The voice recorder will be analyzed locally, but the flight data recorder will be sent to France.

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