NEWS Reducing accidents on Edinburgh’s roads – your online perspective

Reducing accidents on Edinburgh's roads - your online perspective
The 20mph limit will be extended to more streets as part of a new road safety action plan to reduce the number of accidents. Image: Greg McEwan.

The reason for so many accidents is probably due to the ridiculous measures taken during Covid. The 20mph speed limit is a joke, if you stick to it someone behind you will almost push you off the road.

The 20 mph zone is ineffective and frustrating. Most drivers ignored the 20-person limit, including taxi drivers, bus drivers and police car drivers. The city wasted millions implementing this nonsense and will be wasting more now. Why should this be considered when cuts to essential services are expected?

How about filling potholes, would that be a good start? Fewer cyclists injured, less repairs to all our motor vehicles – it’s a win-win, win-win.

I wonder how many people are there in the Edinburgh Bypass? Accidents happen almost every day, mostly with crazy drivers!

Repair roads and correct the overly complicated and chaotic road layout throughout the city. This will make the roads safer for everyone. A simple concept that seems to be beyond the comprehension of Parliament these days.

Improve road safety by repairing roads so drivers don’t have to worry about their vehicles being damaged by potholes.

It’s a crazy idea – build roads and maintain them. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians all have to constantly avoid potholes, which is not what I would call safe.

There have been more accidents involving bikes since they got all those weird rubber bits and plastic bars out of the way. It has to be explained that if you take a space, and then add stuff to that space, the space is reduced, which would be elementary school textbooks. If things are moving slowly, there will be more in one place at the same time.

All cars on Edinburgh’s roads must be fitted with a speed limiter.

Make everyone retake their driving test every five years. That puts a lot of bad drivers off the road – most of them won’t pass a hazard perception test.

Does it have anything to do with speeding and careless drivers?

Get rid of 20 mph zones unless they are in front of a residential area or school. Otherwise they’ll just frustrate drivers on the main roads!

What’s the point, because ever since they introduced the 20 mph limit, there have been motorists obeying the speed limit, and then you have impatient drivers who overtake and overtake.

What, let everyone move around?

How many people were injured on sidewalks or crosswalks in these accidents?

20mph doesn’t solve the problem, it just increases pollution.

Pedestrians can look up from their phones and headsets to take a look before stepping out.

Flatten the curve! No one is allowed to go out.

The developer has revised its bid to demolish two 1980s office buildings in Edinburgh’s New Town to make room for dozens of apartments and commercial space on Dundas Street

Remember the extra traffic on already congested city roads. Buildings are being built everywhere, but I don’t see any new roads to deal with traffic. Edinburgh’s best roads will be out soon!

More Soviet-style buildings! Edinburgh was once known as the Athens of the North, and if it were to be called the “Minsk” capital of the West in the future, many in the city planning department would like it to be so!

This doesn’t exactly fit into the existing architecture, does it? Instead, they complained to the person at the pink front door.

How about some kind of rent control program/stabilization like in New York? Keep rental prices at reasonable levels.

Councils do not seem to understand the concept of needing social housing.

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