NEWS Propane tanker involved in Modesto accident

Propane Tanker Involved in Modesto Injury Accident

Two-car collision on Blaker Road involves propane tanker

On December 9, a propane tanker was injured in an accident near Modesto. The crash happened on North Blaker Road and West Main Street near Hatch. California Highway Patrol (CHP). Fire Department crews arrived on scene to assess the injuries and determine if a propane leak had occurred.

Cause Investigation of Propane Tank Truck Accident

The tanker found no signs of a leak. Another vehicle involved in the crash was an Infiniti with a broken front axle. A passenger in the car complained of back pain from the injury accident. There is no information yet on whether the patient was taken to hospital or treated at the scene. An ongoing CHP investigation will determine what went wrong in the crash and how it occurred.

propane tanker accident

Due to their large size and dangerous cargo, propane tank trucks can cause serious injury or even death in an accident.Medical expenses and other losses suffered due to the negligence of the tanker driver can be compensated in the following ways compensation claim. Trucking companies can be held liable if drivers are not assigned correctly, or if necessary maintenance is not performed on the truck.

Oil tanker accident investigation

If you or someone in your family has been involved in a propane tanker accident, an attorney familiar with such accidents can help you gather evidence to support your claim. We immediately sent investigators to the scene of the accident to collect evidence.Gather evidence from traffic in order to prove other drivers wrong cameratalk to witnesses, check the background of the driver and company, and retrace the path of the collision accident reconstruction.

Tanker truck crash could be deadly

The most dangerous accident is a collision with a tanker truck. Because the liquids and gases carried by these vessels are often highly flammable and dangerous, leaks could lead to evacuations of populated areas to prevent fires or explosions. In November 2020, a tank truck accident in Northern California caused a propane leak, forcing the evacuation of 200 people. Driving a fuel tanker has many dangers, including:

  • Partially filled: Heavy liquids may slosh in a partially filled tank. Passenger cars nearby may be affected if the vehicle rolls over due to a partially filled fuel tank.
  • jackknife accident: If the tanker pulls the tank instead of a unit, they can jackknife. Folding occurs when the tractor on the towing part moves faster than the tank being towed. Tank trucks can turn over in jackknife accidents as the fluid inside sloshes and becomes unbalanced.
  • Tank trucks transport flammable liquids such as propane, Chemicals, oils and other hazardous substances. Accidental release may cause fire, explosion and chemical burns.

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