NEWS Police attribute crash to reckless driving

Police attribute crash to reckless driving

Police say reckless driving contributed to the fatal crash Monday night when a police pickup truck overturned, killing two officers and seriously injuring 13 others.

A police car, registration number UP 5568, dark blue, lost control and overturned in Laputa Village, Paijo County, Guru District, Gulu-Kitgum Highway.

Police confirmed yesterday afternoon that Pius Epodoi died at the scene and the second victim, Marvin Odong, died while being taken to Gulu District Referral Hospital for treatment.

The 13 other injured officers included ASP Joseph Okalebo, Jacob Odong, Junior Peter Opio, Kenneth Omara, Daniel Okello, James Candia, George Okura, Simon Ochora, Vicent Ekoju, Vicent Awuzu, John Okwera, Abraham Okure and driver Calvin Torac.

Ms Faridah Nampiima, spokeswoman for the Transport and Road Safety Authority, said in a statement that an investigation into the accident had been launched.

“Accident involving motor vehicle registration number UP 5568, Land Cruiser overturned. All officers are attached to FFU [Field Force Unit] – Aswa region. An investigation into the cause of the accident has been started,” she said. It was determined that the vehicle was carrying personnel from Gulu on a special mission to Ago when it overturned.

Accounts from survivors indicated that the driver of the vehicle, Torak, was speeding when it hit a hump and lost control causing it to roll over.

Mr Omara, an FFU officer with Gulu Central Police Station who was injured, said the vehicle was speeding before hitting a hump near Paicho Trading Center and overturning.

“he [driver] When he finally hit a hump, he was driving really fast. When I jumped out of the vehicle to avoid being crushed by the falling vehicle, I broke my left leg and had bruises on my face, arms and back,” Mr O’Mara said.

Mr. Leonard Ojok, Chairman of Agago District, said: “One died at the scene and the other could not be taken to the hospital. Some of the victims are in critical condition at Gulu Referral Hospital.”

It was also reported that the pickup truck was overloaded.

“The team was also overcrowded in the pickup truck. There was a split at the station before departure on whether to let them use the truck instead of crowding the pickup,” said one official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

He added: “The scene was this (yesterday) morning and the Regional Police Commander Damalie Nachuha, Aswa Peninah Magambe Regional Traffic Officer and Gulu City Police Commander visited the scene. The body of the deceased has been transported to Gulu Hospital.”

None of the crash survivors had been x-rayed or scanned as of 2pm yesterday, the newspaper confirmed, as the hospital’s power supply was spotty and the facility’s CT scanning machines had not yet been installed. Additionally, we have determined that case file TAR-390/2022 has been opened as the investigation continues.

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