NEWS Phoenix man will show Nepalese food during the competition

Phoenix man will show Nepalese food during the competition

With thousands of people expected to travel to Phoenix for the Super Bowl and other related events, feeding such a large crowd is quite a challenge.

Only a few vendors were chosen for the task, and one of them, Momo’s Food Truck, is making history as they will be the first food truck to serve Nepali food at all official Super Bowl events. This allows the people behind the Momo Food Truck to bring their food to an international audience.

“You can come and taste the happiest food on earth,” says Subash Yadav.

What is Momo?

According to Yadav, Momo is a Nepalese style dumpling.

“The word ‘Momo’ means ‘dumpling’ in Nepal, India,” Yadav said. “I want to share the food that’s important to me that I grew up with.”

For Yadav, it all started with a desire

Yadav immigrated to the US in 2007 to study medicine, but says he misses his favorite flavors from his native Nepal, especially momo. So Yadav combined his passion for cooking with his love of health to bring Mr. Momo back to life in 2019.

“Dumplings really exist in every culture,” Yadav said. “In Nepal, halfway between India and China, we are influenced by Chinese dumplings and spices from India, so we have a fusion of both cultures.”

Sergio Garcia Polanco later joined Yadav to establish the momo movement, with some special flavors.

“We have chicken. We have vegan shiitake,” Polanco said. “We can do lamb and sometimes, we mix it up for other fillings.”

Along with delicious momo and cheesecake momo, Yadav and Polanco will also be serving ramen and samosas.

Super Bowl gives Yadav a chance to showcase Nepali food

Partnering with the Super Bowl can be an opportunity to push an already thriving small business to the finish line, achieve sales and win their future.

“What I’m really excited about is that people can experience Nepalese food,” Yadav said. “Dumplings are such a happy food. They’re delicious and healthy, and I think everyone will be excited to see them.”

Yadav hopes they will become household names as they are selected to compete in the country’s biggest sporting event.

“For me, the opportunity to showcase my food at the Super Bowl is amazing,” Yadav said.

For those who can’t wait to try Yadav’s momo products before the Super Bowl, Mr. Momo’s food truck is located in Pemberton, downtown Phoenix, and also at the Downtown Farmers’ Market in Phoenix and Gilbert every Saturday.

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