NEWS Pastor speaks about God’s protection in accidents

A picture of Rev. Li Xiansheng in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province

Editor’s note: Not long ago, the Gospel Times published a special report on Thanksgiving, and Pastor Li Xian Xiangxi, Hunan Mr. Sheng, who is in his 80s, was invited to share his two personal experiences in the 1990s when communications were underdeveloped, witnessing God’s grace and the power of conservation. The following is told from Pastor Li’s first-person perspective.

Five of my ribs were broken by the gangsters, but God used this situation to heal my heart disease.

In 1994, I was broken five ribs by hooligans in Yangshan, Guangdong. He vomited blood one day and had blood in the stool two days. The doctor advised me to have an operation immediately, but it was not possible because my relatives were not present to sign. When Longshan’s relatives came to sign the operation, a miracle happened, the blood in the cavity disappeared, and the doctor suggested conservative treatment. I was later hospitalized twice, one in Foshan, Guangdong, and one in Longshan. After 49 days, he was discharged from the hospital and recovered gradually. In addition, my studies have not been delayed.

There is one more marvelous testimony. I had a heart attack in 1981 and suffered a lot for 13 years. When I healed from a broken rib in 1994, I had no idea my heart would heal too. Thankfully, I haven’t had a heart attack since that year when I was beaten.

I have also experienced God’s protection and mercy in many car accidents.

I was converted in 1988 and baptized in 1989. In 1990 I had to organize many long distance trips and deliver goods as part of my job. I’ve had three rollovers and have come away unharmed. On the day of my first rollover, the Holy Spirit spoke to me many times.

At that time, I was transporting two large trucks of mechanical equipment back to Longshan in Wuhan. When I woke up and washed my face early in the morning, a voice said to me, “Mr. Li, you need to pray!” For the first time, I only heard the voice and didn’t see anyone.

After a while, another voice sounded in my ear: “Mr. Li, you want to pray!” So I asked back: “Who are you? You asked me to pray. I am so busy today, how can I have time to pray?” Ready to load with me Captain Chen of the Laifeng motorcade said, “Who called you?”

When we finished loading the two truckloads of machines, I found myself with a lot of mud on my feet. While washing my feet, the voice that spoke to me that morning said to me for the third time: “Mr. Li, you need to pray!” I said, “Who are you? You want me to pray, let’s pray together!”

Captain Chen said: “What’s wrong with you today? What does prayer mean?”

I said, “I don’t know who called me, but let’s pray right away.” So I began to pray: “God! Today we have two truckloads of goods to be transported back to Longshan from Wuhan, please keep us safe, Amen. “

I got into the truck of driver Peng of the Laifeng team and drove in front, with captain Chen following behind.

Unfortunately, the van I was traveling in hit two trees on the side of the road and overturned, then fell into the river.

I climbed up to the bank and waved to a few passing drivers to stop, but none of them did. Finally, I called another driver of the Laifeng motorcade and asked him to find Captain Chen and send him a message to ask him to come back and help.

Captain Chen saw that we hadn’t followed, so he waited by the side of the road. When he heard that my car had overturned, he hurried back to where it happened. In the early morning of the next day, we called the crane and lifted the truck out of the river.

After the truck overturned, the steering wheel was stuck in his chest, and Peng’s feet were deeply scratched. There was a lot of blood coming out, and he was dying. I immediately asked for help to take him to the hospital.

The thought of surviving the rollover filled me with gratitude. Had it not been for the urging and reminder of the Holy Spirit that day, if I hadn’t prayed quickly, I might have died.

Later, the Laifeng team also offered to make full compensation to Longshan Tobacco Factory for the mechanical damage caused by the rollover.

– Translated by Nonye Nancy

Emotional testimony of Li Xiansheng, an eighty-year-old herdsman in Xiangxi, Hunan

Pastor speaks about God’s protection in accidents

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