NEWS Parris Campbell commits to 17 games of his own

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Paris Campbell tied for the team lead with three touchdowns and was second in receptions and yards.

INDIANAPOLIS — Colts wide receiver Parris Campbell was watching Monday Night Football with his wife at his suburban home when Bills safety Damar Hamlin was hit hard, leaving his body become powerless. The ambulance came out and the players got down on one knee and cried bitterly.

Campbell turned to his wife, Taylor, and they prayed together:

“Anytime you see something like this, you think of yourself,” Campbell said. “We all play the same game that Damar plays. I think about his family. You think about your own family. You really think about what the game is really about and the risks you’re taking.”

The downfall of Hamlin has left the NFL community at an impasse. They clung to news of his status, from CPR to an ambulance ride to the moment he opened his eyes again on Thursday. At the same time, the world must understand the risks players accept to provide entertainment, a conversation Campbell has been having with himself.

Campbell believes something bigger is going on here.

“When something like this happens and really shakes up the world, it’s really just a time when the world turns,” Campbell said. It doesn’t matter what people focus on. It just transforms and brings us together.

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