NEWS oops! iPhone car crash detection can’t tell the difference between skiing and crashing

oops! iPhone car crash detection can't tell the difference between skiing and crashing

According to the official Instagram broadcast message of the 911 hotline in Gallatin County, Montana, about 28 Apple iPhone 14 devices sent false “car accident detection” alerts. The report cited multiple alerts between Dec. 1 and 15. When rescuers arrived at the source of the alert, they discovered that the cases were not emergencies, but simply people who had been skiing at the resort.

Car crash system mistakenly sent 28 alerts in US

Apple’s “Car Crash Detection” is an innovative feature that debuted this year. It’s a life-saving measure that has saved many people after a real accident. However, the feature isn’t completely error-free. It uses various sensors and data to detect crashes and alert authorities. The post noted that since Dec. 1, all calls received through the feature in the country have come from the iPhones of skiers at the Big Sky Resort, Bridger Bowl or Yellowstone Club. question? They don’t need emergency services.

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Currently, it’s up to Apple to fix an issue that caused car crash detectors to send false alerts on iPhones and Watches. The Rescue team has some tips for iPhone users to avoid fake calls.

“If you notice a false emergency alert from your iPhone or watch, please contact the dispatcher. Afterwards, tell them your location and activities so they know the call was accidental. If you do not respond, Gallatin County 911 will attempt to call you number twice. The authorities ask you to ask and provide information. If you do not respond to any previous calls, public safety personnel will be dispatched to ensure your safety. “

This isn’t the first time Apple Car Crash Detector has gone wrong. A few weeks ago, Apple’s emergency feature sent an alert to authorities after confusing a roller coaster trip with a car crash. Therefore, we expect Apple to step up its work on these features. iPhone and Apple Watch need to be “smarter” to avoid these fake calls. It’s a complex system, we’re sure of that, but, if it’s out and available, it needs to work. The feature also caused some disruption in Canada.

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