NEWS Onanuga escapes accident, blames Atiku’s convoy


Bayo Onanuga, Director of Media and Propaganda for the Presidential Campaign Committee of the All Progressives Congress, claimed that a car in the convoy of the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar was nearly crushed to death when he was in his car in Abuja on Sunday.

He said that when he followed the convoy to its destination, it turned out to be Atiku’s mansion.

However, he said he was relieved when a man who identified himself as the chief of staff promised to fix the damage.

Onanuga disclosed this in a Facebook post titled “Atiku’s Convoy Nearly Crushed Me To Death.”

He said: “I had a brush with death on my way home around 9pm on Sunday night after visiting Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi in Abuja. I was driving on the first lane of Shehu Shagari Way, Noticed a convoy on a feeder road. I counted in the middle lane and there were four cars ahead.

“I slowed down in my own lane to keep distance from the convoy. My slowdown turned into a mistake as a Toyota SUV emerged from the same road the convoy had appeared earlier. It headed straight for my car .. I was petrified when the driver crashed into my Toyota Camry, on the passenger side.

“The force of the collision immediately severed the mirror from the body, badly dented and scratched both doors in its path. I watched in horror as the driver of the SUV backed up to join the convoy, leaving me to my fate.

“He didn’t bother to stop and inspect the damage his car did to my own car, regardless of whether he left me or anyone in the car traumatized by his recklessness. He just drove away.

“Instinctively, I followed the convoy to the Asokoro area of ​​the city.

“At this point, I didn’t know the VIPs in the convoy. At first, I thought it was the governor because the car that hit me had a license plate that started with RSH. My interest in following the convoy was to complain about vicious drivers and fix my car.

“The convoy went deep into Asokoro, entered TY Danjuma Road, and entered one of the mansions with several flags of the Battle of Atiku-Okowa at the door. I, like the rest of the convoy, drove into the compound with my hazard lights on My adventures have of course become interesting. I am an APC and Tinubu activist within the lair of PDP Atiku-Okowa.

“Who was that big guy that the convoy almost ran over me? Was it Okowa, Atiku, or an Atiku supporter? That’s it. I didn’t know that the mysterious big guy had been ushered into the house by the security assistant, ahead of me, They were accosting me when I tried to get into the house.

“You can’t just come into the house,” one of the aides yelled when some policemen also blocked my way. “One of your drivers almost killed me at the secretariat. He broke my car,” I responded loudly and demanded to see their big guy.

“Our argument was to create a scene as more and more people came up to me and seemed like a daring intruder.

“Another aide asked me to show him the damage to the car. He introduced himself as chief of staff and promised to fix the car. He also apologized.

“The way he did it put my mind at ease. I gave him my free card and we exchanged phone numbers.

“Moments later, I got into the car and resumed my interrupted journey home.

“Because I hadn’t cracked the mysterious big man yet, I stopped outside and asked a guard about the owner of the house I’d just shown up. “It’s Atiku,” he said. Another neighbor also confirmed this.

“As I drove late into the night and shared my experiences with Senator Afikuyomi and others, I simultaneously imagined what the headline would have been if the accident had been more serious or resulted in death.”

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