NEWS On John Abraham’s 50th birthday, a look back at the fitness buff’s vegan diet and the secret behind washboard abs

On John Abraham's 50th birthday, a look back at the fitness buff's vegan diet and the secret behind washboard abs

John Abraham is known not only for his superb acting skills, but also for his passion and discipline for staying healthy. Today, as he turns 50, let us not forget to value our physical and mental health — just like John Abraham did. Those who are well versed in Bollywood news and developments know that he is no less than the king of action movies. After commercial successes such as Cafe Madras, House of Batra and Pamanu: A Tale of Pokran, he will next appear in the action-packed film Patan.

From Vegan to Farmer: John Abraham and His Fitness Creed

John Abraham and his muscular body have been the talk of the town for generations. His stature and handsome looks have captured the hearts of many followers so far. In April this year, actor Garam Masala and actor Shilpa Shetty opened up about their fitness habits and said: “If you think like this, you can eat healthy. You have to be goal-oriented. Diet and eating right is the most important thing. I believe and always say fitness is like a tripod. Eat well, exercise well and sleep well. Take one away and the tripod falls.”

John spoke to Shilpa further on the show Shape of You, revealing the secrets behind his chiseled physique and his “simple peasant life”. “I have bajra, jowar, nachni roti. Pearl millet, sorghum bread and finger millet in your diet. Yes, it’s simple. That’s life as a farmer,” he said.

John Abraham plans to replace all dairy in his diet

Continuing the conversation, John emphasized that he believes “plant-based eating” is the future and wants to “replace all dairy in my diet.”

“For a while, I tried to replace all dairy. I don’t eat butter, cheese or milk anyway. And I’ve stopped[eating]eggs for a long time. I’m not declaring that I’m vegan or vegetarian activist, but I’m trying — as a moral decision — because of animal cruelty. I’m trying to reduce it as much as I can,” the attacking actor said.

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