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SecondEarlier this week, “Goblin mode” was declared Oxford’s word of the year, raising this previously misunderstood and maligned lifestyle choice to a new level of awareness – and hopefully acceptance. It has been defined as “an unapologetic act of self-indulgence, laziness, slovenliness, or greed, often in a way that rejects social norms or expectations” (also referred to as “presence” throughout the lockdown), although the The exact parameters of the term have been widely discussed. But one thing’s for sure: video games are perfect Goblin Mode entertainment. They can be enjoyed in bed, they require very little energy, but they simulate a lot of real-world activity so you can at least pretend to be a normal member of humanity.

But not all games are suitable for goblin mode. Pokémon Go is Absolutely No (you have to go outside), Just Dance (you have to stand up) and driving sims like Gran Turismo 7 (waaaaay too intense). It’s important to play games to supplement your lazy state of mind. Well, here are some perfect picks for those dank, dungeon-dwelling days of exile.

Hades PC Screenshots
Photo: Supergiant Games

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, dungeon crawlers are undoubtedly the official genre of Goblin Mode, where players can explore dingy underground tunnels, battle slime monsters, and steal loot. The Diablo series is a popular example, but Hades is our pick because not only do you spend the entire game in the mythical Underworld (if you play the game under a duvet and seven wool blankets, which is perfect setup), plus you get to flirt with beautiful Greek gods so you can pretend you’re in a “relationship” or whatever other people do when they meet in real life.

The Sims 4 Cabin Living
Photo: Electronic Arts

The problem with binge-watching Netflix episodes in Goblin Mode is that eventually you run out of episodes, and then you’re just sitting there in your pajamas, frantically scrolling through menu screens to watch another episode, which is both stressful and stressful. too active. The Sims 4 is a living drama where you simulate a family, fill it up with dysfunctional people, and let them continue to disrupt their lives, and you watch like a god in the swamp while occasionally Show off your omniscience by rearranging their garden furniture. There’s also no end, so you can play continuously until you’re ready and ready to exit goblin mode.

weird gardening
Photo: Bad Vikings

This detective minigame is a dark treat that’s easy to play while sitting on the couch in the middle of the night. You play as the owner of a mysterious florist, trying to find the right plant for a group of strange customers, each with a story to unravel. The game is filled with weirdos, leaves, and a little book with multiple illustrations of mushrooms. Sleepy Leprechaun’s Delight. (See also Coffee Talk.)

Total War: Warhammer 3
Photography: Sega

Okay, so you dream of total domination and bloody victory, but can’t muster up the courage to raise an army of monsters? beautiful. Total Warhammer 3 is an absurdly deep combat strategy sim set in a fantasy world where you can spend hours planning and executing massive military operations to experience the thrill of “achievement”, whatever that may be. Also, there are real goblins.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Photography: Nintendo

If your version of goblin mode is pure comfort, then this game is your holy text. Live on a picturesque island, befriend cute anthropomorphic neighbors, clean up the house, and run errands. Just absolute lazy bliss.

unboxing game
Photography: Witch Beam

If you fantasize about being the type of person who can tidy up your room, then this should be a treat for you. It’s all about unlocking your stuff as you move into a series of apartments, with each item telling a part of your character’s life story. It’s as cute, warm and containing as a big heavy blanket.

slime rancher

slime rancher
Photo: Monomi Park

A farming game about raising cute little slime monsters with all the goblin vibes. Slimes produce tiny diamonds that can be sold, and while there are tense moments, it’s surprisingly relaxing. For goblins looking for a more exciting challenge, the more complex Stardew Valley has a similar combination of earthy pursuits and mild drama.

Elden Ring video game screenshot
Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment

If you play well, Elden Ring is hard, which may not fit the leprechaun way of life. However, you can also wander through eerie slime landscapes and watch scary wet monsters go about their lives, occasionally stabbing something with your sword. The game is so immersive and massive, you can get lost for days without having to come out of your pit, and if you get stuck on a boss, you can summon another player to help, which definitely counts as a effective social interaction.

untitled goose game
Photo: Panic Inc.

Perfect if you want to take revenge on the world while lying in a pile of Quality Street wrappers and empty Irn-Bru bottles. You are a fearsome goose whose goal is to make the inhabitants of a quaint village as miserable as possible. Peck them while they’re gardening, hide their tools, scare their kids – be an absolute threat to society as a leprechaun without actually having to interact with it.

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