NEWS NFL Week 14 highlights: 49ers beat Buccaneers, Cowboys escape, Eagles sweep and more

NFL Week 14 highlights: 49ers beat Buccaneers, Cowboys escape, Eagles sweep and more

week 14 NFL The season continues on Sunday with a series of highly anticipated matchups.

In the early stages of the game, the surging Detroit Lions defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North matchup, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants in the playoff hopeful matchup, and the Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets. fleet.

The Carolina Panthers try to undercut the Seattle Seahawks as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to face Brock Purdy (wait, what?) and the San Francisco 49ers in the final transfer window playoff hopes. Both games are on FOX and the FOX Sports app.

AFC playoff hopes are on the horizon as the Miami Dolphins take on the Los Angeles Chargers in the night game.

Popular plays are here!

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

A major milestone!

Travis Kelce continues to hit all-time highs. With this catch, he has more than 10,000 career receiving yards. He was the fourth person to reach that score and the fastest.

Mahomes Magic!

Patrick Mahomes improvised, throwing a no-look pass to Jerick McKinnon under pressure. Not only did the pass complete, but the Chiefs RB ran all the way for a 56-yard score.

just jerrick

The Chiefs RB added his second catch for a touchdown, doing some acrobatics to get into the end zone.

Chiefs give Broncos a wet willie

Willy Gay Jr. knocked out Russell Wilson to bring it back to six and Kansas City took a 27-0 lead.

We determined it was an interception

Pat Surtain II made a dive, making sure the ball didn’t hit the ground to catch Mahomes and give the Broncos a chance for their second touchdown before halftime.

Judge Jeudy and “Jerry” rule two TDs

Jerry Judy caught two touchdown passes in the closing minutes of the first half, helping the Broncos cut the Chiefs’ lead to 27-14 at halftime.

Mustang country, shall we ride together?

After trailing 27-0, the Broncos scored 21 straight points. Their most recent score was a 67-yard score by Marlon Mack on a dump.

Mahomes make it happen

The Chiefs quarterback ran around before finding JuJu Smith-Schuster to put Kansas City up 34-21 late in the third quarter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers

Isn’t this a Purdy show?

Brock Purdy got it done with his legs on the QB’s first start, running to the end zone to give the 49ers a 14-0 lead.

Come on, brother!

49ers rookie QB completed a 23-yard touchdown pass to Christian McCaffrey to give San Francisco a 21-0 lead in the second quarter.

Dibo down

Deebo Samuel suffered an apparent left knee injury in the first half, which caused him to stumble. He remained on the ground for several minutes before being pushed off the field.

Eventually, Samuel suffered an ankle injury that would keep him out for the remainder of the tournament.

Aiyuk keeps his eyes on the ball

Brandon Aiyuk adjusted and caught a low pass to give the 49ers a 28-0 lead before halftime.

making miss mike

McCaffrey scored again to make a 38-yard TD run look easy for the 49ers to take a 35-0 lead.

Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

a less playful

Smith caught his first career touchdown, giving the Panthers a 10-point lead as they looked to unnerve the Seahawks.

hababuba Truba Hubbard

The Panthers RB pushed like he’d been chewing a famous brand of gum, giving Carolina a 17-0 lead.

toe kicking taylor

The Seahawks finally came on, and Tyler Lockett somehow steadied himself to make it 17-7.

today is leg day

Terrace Marshall Jr. had one of the best catches of the year with a solid grip on a deep end with his legs! The catch was a huge gain for the Panthers, who needed it as their offense stalled after a 17-0 uptick.

Detroit Lions 34 points, Minnesota Vikings 23

First catch = touchdown

Jameson Williams’ first reception was a memorable one. The rookie wide receiver, who made his debut last week, was an eye-opener with a 41-yard touchdown pass.

make them look silly

Darwin Cook made a nifty little move into the end zone and tied the game for the Vikings.

DJ Chuck beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

Jared Goff unloaded the ball again and found the veteran receiver deep for a touchdown, giving the Lions a 14-7 lead.

Big fake!

The Lions were daring not only to fake kicks on the 4th and 7th, but they did it so deep in their territory. That decision paid off as the play progressed for 42 yards. They scored a touchdown late in the game to take a 21-7 lead.

sneak into!

Running back Justin Jackson’s Lions drove into the end zone to give Detroit a 28-13 lead in the fourth quarter.

Big boy reception!

The Lions used offensive tackle Penei Sewell as receiver to lead the offense at 3rd and 7th to help seal the win.

justin jefferson set a record

The All-Pro catcher didn’t win, but he did get his job done on Sunday. Jefferson had 223 receiving yards, setting a franchise record for most receiving yards in a game.

Philadelphia Eagles 48, New York Giants 22

touchdown miles

Eagles running back Myles Sanders capped his team’s dominant start with a 14-yard touchdown pass.

4th and Hail Mary TD

Jalen Hurts prayed at the 4 and 7, and his prayers were answered when DeVonta Smith got the ball between two Giants defenders and scored.

eagle soars

After an awkward punt by the Giants gave them good field position, the Eagles did their thing on a 33-yard TD catch by AJ Brown to give them a 21-0 lead.

Pick up smoothly

The Giants blocked a punt from Eagles punter Arryn Siposs, but he picked it up cleanly and took off. However, since the kicking team couldn’t advance the ball, that didn’t hold true, and the Giants took over because it wasn’t a chump. New York took advantage of the good field position to score the first touchdown.

sanders calls game

Eagles RB capped the dominant win with a 41-yard touchdown to give the Eagles a 27-point lead.

Dallas Cowboys 27, Houston Texans 23

Tony touchdown

The Cowboys quickly hit the field when Tony Pollard ran to the end zone on an 11-yard run.

this is the season of giving

Texans RB Dameon Pierce came into the end zone to tie the game. Once he was on the field, he turned to Laramie Tussier and allowed the offensive lineman to throw a hard smash.

Chris is very attentive

Texans WR Chris Moore somehow extended the catch while down to give Houston a three-point lead.

Diggs injured, Texans take advantage

Cowboys star cornerback Trevon Diggs left the game in the second quarter shortly after Amari Rodgers scored his first career touchdown on a 28-yard catch to give Houston a leading.

Texans threaten to get off the hook

Dak Prescott was picked when he pitched from his own end zone, giving the Texans a possible uptick of two runs in their prime field position.


But the Texans couldn’t take advantage, as the Cowboys got their fourth big stoppage.

Cowboys take the lead!

Dallas capped a 98-yard drive in the final minutes, leading by four on a run by Ezekiel Elliott and avoiding the loss.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 points, Cleveland Browns 10

Throw it to Ja’Marr

With the Bengals already downing Tyler Boyd, Joe Burrow decided to hand the ball to his most reliable receiver — teaming up with Jamal Chase for the game’s opener.

Epiphytic force

Samaje Perine forced his way into the end zone before halftime to give the Bengals a 13-3 lead.

Flea flashes!

The Bengals pulled off the perfect trick when Burrow connected with wide-open Trenton Irwin, giving Cincy a 20-3 lead.

reach out!

David Njoku scored just enough for the Browns’ first touchdown.

Baltimore Ravens 16, Pittsburgh Steelers 14

JK all day

On his return to the lineup, JK Dobbins ran for 44 yards and then rushed for a 5-yard score to give the Ravens a 10-0 lead.

No Pickett, no problem

Steelers QB Kenny Pickett went into concussion protocol early in Sunday’s game. Mitch Trubisky led Pittsburgh with a touchdown entering the game, throwing a 44-yard pass to George before Najee Harris scored with a 1-yard score George Pickens.

Taylor Huntley fall down

The Ravens quarterback sat out the remainder of the game after a blow to the head sent him into concussion protocol.

Buffalo Bills 20, New York Jets 12

Knox jumps into the end zone

The Jets’ game against the Bills finally scored when Dawson Knox somehow landed in the end zone to give the Bills a 7-0 lead.

Jets tie it up!

Zonovan Knight found the end zone on Buffalo’s strong run to tie the game.

josh do it yourself

Josh Allen used his legs to force his way into the end zone to give the Bills the lead.

Mike White Injuried

Bills LB Matt Milano made a devastating field goal to the rib area, briefly knocking the Jets quarterback out of the game. It’s his second injury, but he’s back. However, he failed to lead the Jets to victory.

Finals: Jacksonville Jaguars 36, Tennessee Titans 10

Henry is the Jaguar King

Derrick Henry continued his dominance against the Jaguars with a 3-yard TD run to give the Titans the lead.

Henry has a horse

The Titans star ran for 50 yards, giving them their second touchdown of the ensuing game to take a 14-7 lead.

A piece of Zay

Zay Jones somehow scored a second-foot touchdown to give the Jaguars a 20-14 lead before halftime.

TLaw does it all

Trevor Lawrence slammed a Titans defender in the backfield and ran to the end zone to extend the Jaguars’ lead to 27-14.

The helmet catches the ball and scores!

Chigoziem Okonkwo channeled his inner David Tyree for a two-pointer to put the Titans within 14.


Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers (8:20 p.m. ET)

miami dolphins


los angeles charge

Latin America and the Caribbean

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