NEWS NCAA Bowl: Who is the highest-paid college football coach?

NCAA Bowl: Who is the highest-paid college football coach?

The NFL makes big money. Everyone knows this. But what you may not know is that no matter where you live, the top earners are almost certainly employed by the local university. Especially if you happen to live near a major state university.

College football coaches are the highest-paid public officials in 27 of the 50 states. The money might not be at NFL levels…yet. But it’s still substantial.

How much does NCAA football earn?

Although college football doesn’t have the collective bargaining agreements and players’ associations we see at the professional level, Rest assured there is a Ton the money involved. In fact, America’s top coaches certainly earn the same as some of their NFL coaches.

Nowhere is that clearer than with Georgia’s Kirby Smart signing for the summer. The “Bulldogs” coach signed a 10-year extension, making him the highest-paid coach in the history of the sport.

But when you’re looking at an NCAA coach’s salary, like you’re looking at an NFL player’s salary, there are many ways to skin the cat. Has total value, annual average value, buyout value, incentive terms, and any number of other elements Get your teeth in. Not to mention the horrible name, image and likeness money they can attach.

Who Are The Highest Paid Coaches In College Football?

As the obsession with new 10-year contracts has entered college football, those differences can be reshuffled in many different ways. Kirby Smart’s $112.5 million contract was the highest in total value. That record was broken a few months later when Clemson coach Dabo Swinney signed a contract worth a total of $115 million.

For a long time, USC’s Lincoln Riley set the benchmark with a contract reportedly worth around $10 million per season, though Alabama child prodigy Nick Saban follows with $9.9 million in AAV per season. Saban signed his own extension in late August worth “only” $93.6 million, but as an eight-year deal, he’s making $11.8 million a yearput him on top of the pile That respect.

The 10 highest paid coaches in the NCAA

rank Name School salary
1 Nick Saban Alabama $11.8 million
2 Dabo Swinney clemson $11.5 million
3 kirby smart Georgia $11.3 million
4 Lincoln Riley University of Southern California $11 million
5 brian kelly Louisiana State University $10 million
6 Ryan Day Ohio $9.6 million
7 Kimber Fisher Texas A&M University $9.5 million
8 Meltak Michigan $9.3 million
9 Matt Ruler Nebraska $9 million
10 Kiffin Lane old lady $9 million

*Figures shown are estimates. Private organizations are not legally obliged to publish employee salaries. *

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