NEWS Mumbai man miraculously survives accident under bus

Mumbai man miraculously survives accident under bus

Traffic accidents are unfortunate, but survivors are lucky because roads can be very unpredictable and the nature of accidents cannot be predicted.

A man from Mumbai recently miraculously survived falling from under a bus; video of the incident is now going viral. Watch the video to see what happened.

Mumbai man miraculously survives car accident

A video that has surfaced on the internet clearly proves that if your time is left on earth, no one can take it away from you. The era of the Mumbais certainly isn’t over.

Recently, in Powai, an unnamed middle-aged Mumbai man was run over by a bus and then ran over him in front of numerous passers-by, who all appeared terrified. The incident happened at 2:40 p.m. Tuesday outside the Everest Heights building near the LakeSide complex in the posh Powai neighbourhood. It was caught on camera and tweeted by @mypowai late Tuesday. The video quickly went viral on social media.

In the 45-second video, countless pedestrians can be seen walking carefully on the crowded narrow road without dividing lines, as well as slow-moving vehicles, all crowded on the narrow road.

An oncoming bus carrying many passengers suddenly hit a man crossing the road who appeared to be a middle-aged man wearing an all-white kurta-pyjama. He stumbled and tried to stand up, but was knocked down again and shockingly, the bus was completely on top of him.

bus accident
screenshot of twitter

The bus driver stopped and opened the doors to view the commotion, while some surprised bystanders, including a local building security guard, noticed the “accident” that had occurred and approached the bus. People on the road could be seen waving and shouting at the bus driver, who stopped and opened the doors to see what was happening.

The guy coming out from under the bus looks fine

bus accident
screenshot of twitter

This video is CCTV lensended abruptly just as the “crash” man himself stood up from under the bus, was reportedly shocked but not injured, and immediately approached the bus driver to protest.

Traffic in the residential and commercial Powai-Chandivali neighborhood has gotten out of control and Mumbai Traffic Police and BMC need to take immediate action to prevent accidents, reports local marketing expert Pradeep S. Menon, “It may not always work miracles.” CCTV footage at It went viral on social media, shocking people.

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