NEWS Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

Weather, distracted driving, bad road conditions and cars are all leading causes of motorcycle accidents stoddard corp.

Atlanta, December 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — at Georgia, especially when motorcycles are available most of the year. With vehicle and fuel costs rising at near-unprecedented rates, motorcycles are an excellent choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

However, when motorcycle accidents occur, the injuries can be extremely catastrophic, with motorcycle fatalities doubling U.S. In the past 25 Matthew Stoddard The director of The Stoddard Firm explained: “Motorcycle accidents happen all the time. Whether it’s a car off the road or a distracted driver, serious injuries can often result when motorcycle accidents occur. At Stoddard Firm we know how to help you get The compensation you deserve after a car accident, and take care of you during the process.”

failure to share the road

There are more cars than motorcycles. Interestingly, motorcycles make up only 3% of vehicles on the road U.S.. Sometimes the car just can’t see the motorcycle. Sometimes, motorcycles cannot see cars. Motorcycles may split lanes; cars may swerve into adjacent lanes; and other vehicles sometimes just don’t see the motorcycle on the road, causing accidents.

Most motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones and the dreaded road rash from wearing improper riding gear. Even if an injury requires only minor treatment, a motorcycle accident can cause permanent injury.

preoccupied driver

Another common motorcycle accident is caused by a preoccupied or distracted driver. Drivers can be distracted by road conditions, traffic, cell phones and even children. Whatever the reason, a distracted driver can be dangerous for motorcycle operators.

weather and architecture

Dangerous road conditions can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Driving a vehicle with only two wheels is difficult enough without being affected by weather, construction, or poorly maintained roads. The presence of any of these obstacles increases the likelihood of loss of control of the motorcycle.

About Stoddard Corporation

Motorcycle accidents are scary and can result in catastrophic injuries. You may be entitled to compensation to pay or reimburse hospital bills, lost wages and/or future medical expenses. When it comes to motorcycle accident cases, the Stoddard Law Firm is committed to achieving justice for its clients. Since 2011, the law firm has been committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

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