NEWS Months after accident, Malaika Arora overcomes fear of driving; expert shares tips that could help

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After an accident in April this year, Alora Malaika has been working on overcoming her fear of driving – which she spoke about on her recent show, Live with Malaika. In one video, Malaika can be seen getting in the car to drive to a nearby store, but getting out of the car after a few minutes. “It’s the first time I’ve jumped in a car since my accident. I’m in the driver’s seat. I really want to get over this fear. It’s all I can do, but [when I sat in] I looked at it like I was in a spaceship. This is very strange. Faced with it, I froze. I was completely stunned. My hands got cold and my feet felt weird. I can’t tell which is the brake and which is the clutch. I can’t do that. forget it.I jumped right out,” says Malaikahe hasn’t driven a car for six months.

Recalling her accident on her way from Pune to Mumbai, Malaika shared some vivid details. Revealing that the accident happened when her car was parked, she said: “I don’t think anything in my life has shaken me like that moment and that thing. I actually got hit pretty badly. Can you imagine it was A stationary car? A bus full of people lost control and hit our car,” she recalls.

“At that moment, I thought I was disfigured. I thought I was blind because after a few hours I couldn’t see anything. There were so many shards of glass in my eyes, and there was blood. So, I couldn’t see. I really I thought I couldn’t survive. I might never see Arhaan (son) again,” added Malaikaunderwent surgery after the accident.

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Cutting to the show’s second episode, Malaika can be seen filming an ad that requires her to sit behind the wheel; she can be heard saying, “I’m my own biggest cheerleader. It’s a professional commitment and emotion I’m dealing with Turbulence. I’m conflicted. I don’t like speed. I’m not comfortable use it. Now my fear of speed is even stronger. I want to get over my fear, but I’m still nervous. “

Eventually, the 47-year-old drove. “When I shift gears, it feels like I’m shifting gears of my life. It all seems a bit surreal. I can’t get over my fear of sitting in a car doing stunts. I’m petrified by it too,” when asked When the glass was broken during the commercial shoot, Malaika said. She also spoke to her sister, Amrita Arora, who encouraged her to overcome her fears.

“All I can do is I have a second chance. It’s a switch. The moment I step out of the van and walk to the action, I feel like the bravest man. My intention is to get rid of all my fears . ‘Sawanash’! I heard the director say action and I drove,” Malaika said. “I did it,” she jumped up happily. She further said, “I feel like I have wings. I just can’t feel my legs. Done! The glass feels like I’m shattering my fear!”

Furthermore, speaking of fear, Malaika Said, “Fears are very temporary. Sometimes, some of those fears manifest themselves. I think you can overcome those fears. I can live with it,” she said on the show.

Accidents can take a toll on a person’s physical, mental and psychological health. Here’s what to know about what to fear after a driving accident, and what you can do to help.

Drisha Dey, a consultant psychologist in Kolkata, explains that fear of driving after an accident is a very natural consequence.

“The trauma of an accident affects a person to such an extent that getting behind the wheel may trigger them to be reminded of the horror they experienced in the accident. ACCIDENTThis fear can cause them to refuse to get back in the driver’s seat and trust others behind their backs, and if the fear persists, it can intensify over time and adversely affect their day. After a while, those close to the survivor may lose patience and refer to the fear as ‘overreacting’ and ‘illogical,'” Day said.

The expert went on to add that traumatic experiences, especially if not properly managed by professionals, can lead to maladaptive consequences, one of which is post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.”

As a disorder that results from no recovery from experiencing or witnessing an event that threatens one’s safety and/or identity, “PTSD can persist for months or years, replete with triggers that bring back traumatic memories or experiences Trauma and strong emotional and physical reactions,” Dey told

How does this fear manifest itself?

Dr Rahul Taneja, consultant at Paras Hospital for Mental Health and Psychotherapy in Udaipur, said the ways in which fear can “create enormous anxiety while driving” include:

*Fear of having another accident, even after years of safe driving.
*The thought of driving itself can cause a person to suffer from severe and extreme anxiety.
* Concern that a person may have a panic attack while driving, which will affect them or cause another accident.
*Fear that they might hurt or kill anyone, family members, their own children or their entire family.

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Day emphasized that it is important to point out that this fear is by no means invalid, nor is it the fault of the survivors. “As opposed to helping, such ineffective comments tend to make things worse. If a person experiences such fear and discomfort, one should speak to a mental health professional before attempting and doing so resume driving. A frightened driver is more likely to be in danger,” Day said.

In some cases, if symptoms are out of control, doctors may recommend medications that can help you sleep better and reduce anxiety.In such situations, yoga and meditation always come in handy, says
Dr Sanjay Kumavat, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Mulund Fortis Hospital. “The person also needs to do relaxation exercises to calm themselves down,” adds Dr. Kumawat.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Ishan Shivanand, a mental health researcher and professor with expertise in non-drug modalities of meditation and founder of Immortal Yoga, agrees meditation Only aids in building focus, focus and relaxation, “a scientifically based, research-led form of meditation that can support the treatment of phobias and disorders faced by people with disturbing, unexpected experiences”.

Dey added that the sooner the problem is resolved, the less the fallout will linger.Even if a person does not immediately experience the fear traumarecommends seeing a mental health professional because sometimes environmental triggers can emerge some time after a traumatic experience, Dey noted.

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