NEWS Mobile Meals continues delivery to Worthington residents – The Globe

Mobile Meals continues delivery to Worthington residents - The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Meal requests through a home meal delivery program offered by Sanford Worthington Medical Center have declined since closing the Worthington-based Family Health Office last July and moving it to Windom.

Without the frequent referrals of clients to Mobile Meals by the family health plan, the number of clients receiving meals per day has dropped to about 40.

Mobile Meals was organized in Worthington 52 years ago with a volunteer board, including current co-chairs Kathy Gallagher and Margaret Willardson, who are looking to redevelop the programme.

Any resident in Worthington can apply to have a nutritionally balanced meal delivered to their door. Offers regular and special diets, such as salt-free or diabetic diets.

“There is no screening required to apply to receive meals,” Gallagher said. “There is no age requirement.”

Mobile Meals are for people who are unable to prepare adequate meals for themselves due to illness, disability, advanced age or other incapacitating conditions. Meals are prepared at the Prairie Cafe at Sanford Worthington Medical Center and cost only $5. Gallagher noted that in November, Mobile Meals had 30 private paying customers and 10 customers who received county or state-funded meals.

Menus will be printed in The Globe every Wednesday next week, and people can choose to have one meal a day, Monday to Friday, or at least three meals a week. This program is especially suitable for those who are recovering from hospitalization or surgery and are unable to prepare balanced meals for themselves. This service is available for casual and long-term clients.

“All of us are the eyes and ears of our community — family, friends, neighbors who may benefit from mobile meals,” Gallagher said, encouraging people to spread the word to those who could benefit from home delivery information. “Some of us don’t have backup food – it’s their only meal of the day.”

To order mobile meals, please contact Dee Ella at (507) 376-4769. For first-time clients, Ella will ask a series of questions to get into the program.

Mobile Meals relies on volunteer drivers to deliver meals. Many local churches as well as organizations and individuals rotate through. Teachers in District 518 deliver meals for one month during summer vacation, and a local company also participates in delivering meals for one month every year.

Mobile Meals currently has six delivery routes within Worthington city limits and has the capacity to add more, Gallagher said.

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