NEWS Mike Tyson’s son terrified after seeing horrific accident

Mike Tyson's son terrified after seeing horrific accident

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has had some horrific accidents in his life that have caused permanent damage to his body. The former heavyweight champion has revealed that he had a rod inserted into his spinal cord as a result of one of his motorcycle accidents. So it was no surprise when one of his sons became terrified after witnessing a brutal accident.

Iron Mike’s second son, Amir, recently witnessed a video of a car accident that left him dumbfounded. In addition, he even shared the video on social media, expressing his opinion on the accident.

Amir Tyson shares video of horrific accident


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Iron Mike’s son shared video of the accident on his Instagram Story. This video is a POV recorded from a bike camera with a cyclist stopped at a red light. However, the car on the other end would hit an SUV truck, sending debris flying over the head of the cyclist. The car is fast enough to destroy the back of an SUV truck and turn it upside down. Moreover, the accident was most likely caused by a car running a red light and hitting a truck.

Although the cyclist was not at fault, he is the bearer of all damages caused by the accident. Additionally, Amir also expressed sympathy for the driver as he shared his thoughts on the crash. “Damn, this is crazy,” he wrote. Amir is well aware that accidents affect not only the victims, but their families as well. Moreover, it also shows why traffic rules are so important and why people should obey them.

Mike Tyson details his brutal accident

On his podcast Hotboixin’, Tyson revealed how he was involved in an accident that required the support of a timber pole for his spine. He then asked his wife, Kiki, what had happened to his spine. “What happened to my spine,” he asked.

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Kiki later revealed that his spine now has titanium rods installed to provide support for his back. “Like the two below. What are they, five and six? They are titanium rods,” Kiki said.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 16: Mike Tyson in appearances on June 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo courtesy of Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

Tyson’s body took a lot of damage both in and out of the ring. Additionally, it made him prone to multiple ailments later in life, dealing with issues like sciatica and other nerve damage that still caused him to live a life of misery.


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