NEWS Man who experienced miraculous recovery after horrific accident shares amazing testimonial

Man who experienced miraculous recovery after horrific accident shares amazing testimonial

Two people who have both experienced miraculous recoveries after separate horrific accidents share their amazing testimonies.

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The first of these was a man who was nearly killed in a horrific car accident as a teenager. He suffered a number of life-threatening injuries, including severe damage to one of his major organs. He lost a lot of blood from those injuries.

He’s in such a serious condition that medical staff don’t think he’ll make it through the night. However, God has a beautiful plot twist on his life. He miraculously survived that night and many more days until he was finally released from the hospital. In just one month, he returned to a normal life.

His family knew that God had given him another chance to live. It was the power of their prayers that saved his life. Today, he tells others how he became a living miracle.

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The second person to testify was writer Mike Kinney. When he was 17, the truck he was driving crashed into a phone booth. It burst into flames instantly, and he was trapped inside with the twisted metal remains.

Shortly before flames engulfed the truck, a mysterious stranger pulled him from the burning vehicle. He didn’t get a chance to thank the stranger, but he knew in that moment that God saved his life. It was also at that moment that he realized the power of God’s presence. Today, he has written a book about his story and the miracles he witnessed.

These people are evidence that God can still perform miracles to this day.

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Source: The Christian Post

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