NEWS Man charged in 2018 fatal accident case

Man charged in 2018 fatal accident case

New Mexico (KRQE) – More than four years after Davina Archuleta was killed while crossing the highway between Española and Abiquiu, the alleged driver, David Garcia, 37, has been charged. Archuleta’s mother, Cecila Garcia, said she felt she was still waiting for justice. Court records Tuesday show David Garcia is charged with leaving the scene of the accident that led to his death on Aug. 10, 2018.

Upon hearing the news, Archuleta’s mother said she thought that day would never come. “Honestly, I don’t think they’ll do anything. I pray for her. In fact, maybe God needs her in heaven — we need her here — but I pray every day and I miss her every day,” Garcia said. Say.

Courtesy Cecila Garcia

Archuleta’s mother said she still struggles with the details of her daughter’s death. On the night of Aug. 10, Archuleta was crashed into a friend’s house near the Family Dollar on Highway 84 near Abiquiu. Days later, David Garcia, who identified himself as the driver, came forward. He told deputies at the time that he was on his way home when he stopped after hitting what he believed to be a large animal. But he couldn’t see what he hit and “thought it was a deer”.

Archuleta’s mother said she still has questions about why it took so long for authorities to charge Garcia. “When it was brand new, I tapped and called anyone I could get in touch with. I talked to the sheriff and they said they were working on it and they haven’t done anything until now,” Garcia said. added.

Archuleta’s mother said she is still trying to preserve her daughter’s memory. A monument still stands where Archuleta was struck.

The reason it took more than four years to charge David Garcia is because of the time it takes to discover and gather evidence, the district attorney’s office said, without giving details. Archuleta’s mother said they were repairing the road at the time of the accident and that the scene of the accident was not well preserved and construction crews were paving the road in the area where the accident occurred the next day.

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