NEWS Love board games? SaltCON is back with another convention

Love board games? SaltCON is back with another convention

Salt Lake City(ABC4) — board game lovers unite! Salt control Came back with another engagement.

SaltCON is Utah’s largest board game convention, held annually at the Leighton Davis Convention Center with a mission to “bring people and games together.”

“SaltCON Bryce 2023 is a very laid-back family atmosphere. Mainly open games, but we do have some scheduled games, as well as the 2023 Envoy State Tournament,” said Dale Gee, the convention’s administrative organizer and the only remaining original organizer Ford said. “For our coordinators and organizers, this event is really a time to relax and play games with friends from the SaltCON family.”

SaltCON Bryce 2023 is almost entirely a board game. These include card games, dice games, dexterity games, and many other genres.

“Everyone should play board games. Face-to-face interaction, conversation, critical thinking, problem solving, great things for everyone. With the boom in games on the market, there is something for everyone. Short games, long games, easy games, hard games, puzzle games, random games, geek themed games, etc. It’s amazing how diverse the market is because it allows consumers to have different tastes,” Gifford said .

SaltCON Bryce 2023 tickets are closed, but SaltCON 2023 Spring Tickets are available for purchase March 2-5. There will be about 2,000 attendees and tickets are expected to sell out quickly, Gifford said.

The Spring 2023 event will be similar to the Spring 2022 show, but with new popular games, new RPG sessions, new and larger exhibitor/supplier groups, new tournaments, and more.

Gifford also highlighted the new, larger gaming exchange room. So there isn’t much crowding as attendees browse through their purchases and deals.

“Everyone should come and see one of our quadrennial conventions. We keep getting compliments about the fun and open atmosphere. People come individually or in groups and are happy to meet new people and have fun Play and make new friends. We also have a lot of opportunities for people to learn new games, which I’ve always loved because it gives you a chance to try new games before you buy them,” Gifford said.

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