NEWS Lions vs. Jets Week 15 snap counts: Edge rushers adapt to role

Lions vs. Jets Week 15 snap counts: Edge rushers adapt to role

Here are the Detroit Lions’ fast break numbers following their decisive Week 15 win over the New York Jets, as well as some thoughts on what the future might mean for them.



Jared Goff: 68 (100% offensive steals)

running back

DeAndre Swift: 27 (40%)
Justin Jackson: 22 (32%) — 19 special teams steals (68%)
Jamal Williams: 21 (31%)
Jason Cabinda: 10 (15%) — 13 (46%)

Swift has reemerged as the Lions’ RB1, and while the stat sheets show improved efficiency, the eye test still falls short. Swift’s natural instincts to move laterally in a scheme designed to run north-south continued to contradict each other. On more than one occasion against the Jets, Swift had the sun and the block in his face, but instead of taking what was there, he tried to play bigger, but ultimately didn’t maximize his opportunities .

Jackson and Williams are much better at following their blocks and finishing runs, but they lack Swift’s explosiveness. If the Lions want to get the run game back on track, it’s up to Swift to maximize his run first, then set up bigger defenders to weaken the defense.

tight end

Brock Wright: 32 (47%) — 8 (29%)
Sean Zilstra: 25 (37%) — 3 (11%)
James Mitchell: 16 (24%) — 8 (29%)

Wright was the hero of Week 15, but the entire squad only received five goals on the day. Also, when targets do go to the crux, it’s usually for short-term gains. Zylstra caught one of his passes for 4 yards, Mitchell caught two of his targets for a total of 12 yards, and both of Wrights’ targets were designed for short-term gain — luckily, he Able to turn the last pass into a 51-yard field goal.

wide receiver

Amon-La Saint-Blanc: 57 (84%)
DJ Chuck: 52 (76%)
Josh Reynolds: 40 (59%)
Califf Raymond: 20 (29%) — 6 (21%)
Jameson Williams: 13 (19%)

The Lions continued to slow down on Williams as he matched last week’s scoring. The Lions really aren’t rushing to put too much pressure on him at this stage, but most expect those numbers to increase over the final three games. The top three options remain pretty much the same, and Raymond has seen his snaps increase as the Lions attack his hot hand.

offensive tackle

Tyler Decker: 68 (100%)
Peneseville: 68 (100%) — 5 (18%)
Dan Skipper: 3 (4%) — 5 (18%)
Matt Nelson: 2 (3%) — 5 (18%)

The Lions continue to get creative with how they use their sixth set of offensive linemen, and you have to think there’s some long-term game play going on. Another trick may be in the works.


Frank Raguenot: 68 (100%)
Jonah Jackson: 68 (100%) — 5 (18%)
Evan Brown: 68 (100%) — 5 (18%)
Logan Steinberg: 0 (0%) — 5 (18%)

Welcome back, Evan Brown.



Isaiah Baggs: 36 (57%)
Alim McNeil: 31 (49%)
Benito Jones: 16 (25%) — 4 (14%)

Baggs continued to make the case for the offseason extension. Only once in his three seasons in Pittsburgh has his five games been as good as he is now in Detroit.

McNeill had a bit less snapping than usual, but when he was on the field, his impact was on display, scoring the second-highest score in PFF of any Lions defenseman.


Aidan Hutchinson: 54 (86%) — 4 (14%)
John Kominsky: 51 (81%) — 4 (14%)
Romeo Okwara: 26 (41%) — 3 (10%)
James Houston: 25 (40%) – 12 (43%)
Josh Pascal: 14 (22%)

The highest-rated Lions guard in PFF is — unsurprisingly — Hutchinson, whose balanced skill set makes him an impact player on a week-to-week basis.

Cominsky continues to prove that he belongs in the starting role, Okwara has adjusted to a higher tackle rate — and is sure to return after a two-sack performance — and Paschal’s role has held steady since returning from injury.

The surprising news is that Houston’s role is growing, wouldn’t you know it, with another sack — his fifth in four games.


Alex Anzalon: 62 (98%)
Malcolm Rodriguez: 36 (57%) — 4 (14%)
Chris Board: 10 (16%) — 23 (82%)
Jarrad Davis: 10 (16%) — 9 (32%)
Anthony Pittman: 5 (8%) – 23 (82%)
Josh Woods: 0 (0%) — 23 (82%)

It’s the same one the Lions have used the past two games with Derrick Barnes injured. Anzalone rarely left the field and played some of the best football of his career and was a big contributor to the Lions’ defensive resurgence. Rodriguez continues to be a little above 50 percent alive after his elbow injury, but that’s probably how some rookie walls are managed as well.

Davis didn’t participate in the game-day upgrade, so it will be interesting to see if Barnes makes it to the active roster if he misses out due to injury. A player like Austin Bryant, who has played well over the past few games, may not be as valuable to the team as Davis right now.


Jeff Okuda: 62 (98%)
Jerry Jacobs: 62 (98%) — 8 (29%)
Will Harris: 61 (97%)
Amani Oruwarier: 1 (2%) — 6 (21%)
Mike Hughes: 0 (0%) — 16 (57%)

With Okudah and Harris back healthy, the Lions are pretty reliant on their nickel pack for this game. Jacobs remains a regular starter, and his hard work paid off with his first career interception against the Jets. With the starting trio all available, Hughes was relegated to the bench.


Kirby Joseph: 63 (100%) — 10 (36%)
Deschamps Elliott: 39 (62%)
CJ Moore: 29 (46%) — 23 (82%)
Ifeatu Melifonwu: 0 (0%) — 19 (68%)

With Elliott injured early in the second half, the Lions needed to turn to Moore to fill in, and he played admirably. Coach Dan Campbell had no update on Elliott after the game, but if he needs to miss any time, Moore should be next on the field. Melifonwu continues to take his time adjusting to the position change after missing nearly the entire offseason with an injury.

special team

Jack Fox: 15 (54%)
Scott Daly: 9 (32%)
Michael Bagley: 5 (18%)

After playing flawlessly for most of the season, Bagley is now without a field goal in three of his last four games. It’s very challenging to start from 54 yards on a cold winter’s day, but that’s probably a good thing now that the coaching staff knows his limitations.

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