NEWS Link between suicidal ideation and traffic accidents

Link between suicidal ideation and traffic accidents

Behind reckless driving lies the desire of many to end their lives. A decision that isn’t always conscious, and does so by increasing the level of driving risk. Faced with this reality, what should we do?

Link between suicidal ideation and traffic accidents

latest update: December 16, 2022

reckless driving is not Always due to alcohol or drug use. In fact, many times, mental problems and the desire to run away from it all and disappear are hidden behind this behavior.

The number of diagnoses of depression and anxiety disorders has increased significantly in the wake of the pandemic. The number of traffic accidents has also increased. In fact, motorcycle fatalities have been particularly high over the past two years. Their driving maneuvers were so risky and reckless that many experts wondered about their backgrounds.

The answer can be found in those who managed to survive the accident. Although these survivors seldom express a desire to die, they often face underlying depression and subconscious suicidal thoughts. It means blatantly disregarding life (both their own and that of others), and the desire to flee, hitting the gas pedal with a completely blank mind, with no regard for consequences.

Many people who experience suicidal thoughts while driving never attempt suicide in other ways.

We must understand the factors behind reckless driving that lead to traffic accidents.

Recklessness as a Depressive Trait

What’s behind the reckless driver? What is a person thinking while driving over the legal speed limit and passing dangerously? In fact, if such a driver survives, there is a good chance they will undergo various tests, such as those related to alcohol and drugs.

However, psychological assessment is not always used. If so, we might be surprised by the number of severely depressed drivers. At least, a 2015 study by the University of Pisa (Italy) revealed this. It claims, often, Risky behavior, impulsivity, and psychomotor agitation are the result of psychiatric problems.

Alcohol is also common. indeed, Drunk driving increases suicidal ideation, traffic accidents. When people turn to alcohol as a refuge or escape, they are trying to alleviate psychological pain. Alcohol-induced disinhibition further enhanced their risky behavior.

Cars and motorcycles become ideal vehicles for self-harm or self-destruction for individuals driven by suicidal thoughts.

Depression and Reckless Driving: What Are the Symptoms?

When we think of someone with depression, we picture a person lying in bed, listless, sobbing, powerless.that is because We still tend to believe completely biased ideas about mood disorders.

However, depression can manifest in a variety of ways. Types associated with reckless driving behavior typically include the following:

  • Depression with risky behavior, erratic behavior, alcoholism, gambling addiction, etc.
  • A person who acts impulsively without thinking.
  • Nervous and excited. These people change plans every few minutes and often need to be too busy doing something to really relax.

Some people would rather die in an accident so that their family never knows they wanted to kill themselves.

Suicidal ideation and traffic accidents

Is it foreseeable that someone would want to commit suicide while driving? If they haven’t been diagnosed, it will be extremely difficult. indeed, Many are in deep pain right now, but don’t seek specialized help. After all, it is not easy to reach everyone. Not to mention predicting misfortunes related to suicidal ideation and traffic accidents.

Two factors complicate this reality.

The desire to stop living is not always conscious

This is highly correlated data. Often, those who suffer from or cause traffic accidents display subconscious suicidal ideation. They have not attempted suicide before, or even exhibited self-harm. However, when they hold the steering wheel or the joysticks of their motorcycle, they just want to escape, let themselves be carried away by speed, and let fate determine their fate. Unsurprisingly, this had unfortunate consequences.

Still others expressly seek suicide while driving. This is usually because the death in a traffic accident leaves their family members unaware that they want to die.

Lack of appreciation for the lives of oneself and others

it’s a harsh reality Anyone who attempts suicide in a traffic accident shows a complete lack of gratitude for life. While it may be understandable for a person to want to end their own life, it is incomprehensible that they would not care about the act of killing another person.

Suicidal ideation and traffic accidents are beyond the comprehension of most of us. It is an astonishing fact that, sometimes, suicidal individuals come out unscathed, to the detriment of some other unsuspecting family. This implies an absolute rejection of ubiquity, which obviously raises a huge question.

We lack data that can tell us how many accidents are caused by suicidal ideation.

How to face this reality?

No matter how many road safety measures are taken, in the end it will not be enough to stop suicidal people from trying to take their own lives. For this reason, we first need to know the percentage of claims or accidents caused by this variable. It’s a complicated goal because we don’t always have the opportunity to assess those responsible for these events.

we have to take into account Motor vehicles are an extremely useful means of self-destruction or self-harm for people with mental problemsThe only way to avoid these situations is in the environment, in ourselves, and by detecting whether people around us are having a bad day or exhibiting pathological behavior.

We must never ignore those who live in discouragement and hopelessness, or who are angry inside. We must keep an eye out for those who are suffering or who have begun drinking excessively. After all, the consequences are fatal for them and for us. We must act.

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