NEWS Let’s Play Home Fitness Morning

Let's Play Home Fitness Morning

Season 1 Advisor with Host Stacey Holland

You just finished your third season of the show, how was it different from previous seasons?

Over the past two seasons, we’ve filmed in different locations, which I think is more conducive to the themes of the show and the nature of our training. At the heart of the show is a desire to encourage kids to keep playing and inspire their parents to discover their sense of play in sports. We’ve incorporated more equipment elements, and when it comes to fitness programs, we’ve structured workouts to challenge all levels of ability.,57928603.html

The show started out encouraging kids and families to stay healthy during lockdown, is it still needed now that life has returned to normal?


really! The pandemic has changed a lot of lives, and I never thought we’d be back to normal. We may have returned to many elements of our pre-lockdown habits, but in this post-lockdown era, the fabric of people’s lives has changed significantly. Also, regardless of the variant, many people are still concerned about Covid and its effects; this means many people choose not to return to their gyms and fitness facilities, but they still acknowledge the important role exercise plays in immunity. Some parents limit their children’s participation in team sports but still want their children to stay healthy. Additionally, the pandemic has negatively impacted the finances of many families. That’s why the show is still so important; families can join us for a live workout every Saturday morning and follow all of our previous episodes throughout the week for no extra charge. As a bonus, exercising together is an excellent way to foster family bonds, a key ingredient to good health and longevity.

What have you learned from this season?

Many people aspire to get healthier and fitter, but they just don’t know how and where to start. As humans, we need structure. As a fitness professional, I’ve always known this, but again, in our post-lockdown world, many are emotionally and mentally drained; more help is needed; “Just tell me What to do, I’ll do,” was a resounding theme I noticed in chatting with parents on set, and they were happy to know that’s exactly what the show had to offer. I also saw changes in the children’s motor skills. Given the age groups in which we work, we can expect children to have a certain level of ability in a variety of fine and gross motor skills, and this appears to be changing. This may be anecdotal, but I don’t think spending hours sitting looking at a screen is doing our kids any favors, and I’ve seen it with many of our guests. Best of all, kids are resilient, their bodies are still young, malleable, and still growing, so this can change again with regular movement.

As we head into the holidays, do you have any advice for family health and fitness?

It’s a good time to rest and should be enjoyed with loved ones, so please don’t stress about your health and fitness and keep doing what you’ve been doing all year! Keep moving, keep playing, keep making healthier decisions. If you haven’t been exercising yet, start slowly, start with playing our videos every two to three days, and go from there. Go for a morning and/or afternoon walk and stay active!

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