NEWS Leno shares details of fiery accident that burned his face

Leno shares details of fiery accident that burned his face

Jay Leno

photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Contributing Writer (Getty Images)

Last month, it was reported that Jay Leno was badly burned A car fire broke out in his garage. His wound needs a skin graft and two surgeries, he ended up discharge It (understandably) looks a bit rough. At least he can spend Thanksgiving with his family after he recovers. Now he feels good enough to talk about what happened.

in the interview and today’s Hoda Kotb, Leno Looks like his recovery is going well. He even switched from his typical denim to dress shirts and suits. Leno joked that President Biden received a call from him while he was in Indonesia, before explaining how the accident happened from his perspective.

According to Leno, while working on his 1907 white steam-powered car with his friend Dave Killackey, “the fuel line was clogged, so I went under it, trying to unclog it. I said, ‘Blow some air through the line ,’…and poof! Suddenly, bang, I was blowing air all over my face. Then suddenly the light came on and my face was on fire.”

“I said to my friend, ‘Dave, I’m on fire,’ and Dave said, ‘Okay.’ I said, ‘No, Dave. I’m on fire,'” Leno recalled.

The way Killackey tells it, the fire in the face is worse than Leno wants people to believe. “I couldn’t even see his face,” he said. “He’s downplaying it now, but I can’t even see his face. I’m telling you, he’s literally engulfed … it’s a wall of fire.

Fortunately for Leno, Kiraci pulled him out from under the car, extinguished the flames and eventually put out the car fire as well. Leno was able to go to the bathroom to try to cool his burns with water, but when Killackey went in to view the damage, he described it as a “terrible” and “terrible thing.

Although doctors told Leno he needed to go to a burn center, he said he decided to drive himself home because his wife doesn’t drive and he didn’t want her to stay home wondering what happened to him. Eventually, though, his wife convinced him to go to the hospital, where he was treated for nine days.

We are delighted to hear he is doing well and to see him refreshed after such a serious accident. If you want to watch the rest of the interview, you can do it here.

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