NEWS Laredoans worried about crashes at Loop 20 intersection

Laredoans worried about crashes at Loop 20 intersection

Laredo, Texas. (KGNS) – An area along Loop 20 is one of the busiest in town, but it’s also an area known for its accidents.

It’s been nearly four months since TxDOT officials implemented safety precautions to help reduce the number of crashes, but accidents are still happening.

People who live near Loop 20 and Havana Drive say an accident happens almost every other week.

Last Sunday, a motorcyclist crashed into a ditch in an accident just in front of the Pla-Mor business.

The area is known for its many accidents and the people who live in the area are fed up.

Many residents are asking the city and transportation officials to do more to help reduce the number of accidents in the area.

Sixth District Councilman Dr. Tyler King said he was prepared to work with private landowners to make the area safe for drivers and residents.

Meanwhile, TxDOT said it placed traffic markings, the yellow plastic tubes you can see in the middle of the street, in October to help drivers stay in their lanes.

Leal said there are several things drivers can do to avoid accidents.

“Some of the really important things are if you’re going at an unsafe speed, that’s definitely going to cause problems, you can skid, the vehicle can lose traction on the pavement, and that’s something we want to avoid,” Lyle said . “Secondly, when the driver is on the road, it can cause trouble for the driver. Finally, don’t get distracted, we don’t need distracted, we don’t need distracted driving.”

According to the motorcyclist, the person was taken to Laredo Hospital for treatment.

Motorists and motorcyclists should always obey the speed limit and be vigilant when changing lanes, TxDOT said.

TxDOT is planning more upgrades so people can feel safe while driving.

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