NEWS Kansas City Car Accident Data

Kansas City Car Accident Data

Were you seriously injured in a car accident in Kansas City, Missouri? You are not alone. Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri with a population of over 500,000. It also has the highest auto accident rate in the state.

The following Kansas City car crash data explains how and why car crashes happen in the city. The Missouri Highway Patrol, Missouri Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Kansas City Police Department provided the data.

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Kansas City Accident Statistics

Kansas City police identified the following accident hotspots:

I-435 and Holmes Road I-70 and I-435 75th Street and Bruce Watkins Drive Bannister Road and I-435 I-470 and Blue Ridge Boulevard Front Street and I-435 Front Street and I-35 Red Bridge Road and 71 Highway I-435 and Wornall Road
In 2019, there were more than 157,000 traffic accidents in Missouri. These incidents killed 881 people and injured more than 55,000.

Kansas City has more car accidents than any other city in Missouri. In 2019, there were nearly 20,500 crashes, killing 79 people and injuring more than 8,700.

fatal accident in kansas city

In 2019, there were 75 fatal crashes in Kansas City and 5,830 crashes that resulted in injuries. Fourteen were related to pedestrians, eight were commercial vehicles and 12 were motorcycles. A total of 79 people were killed in these accidents.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, road deaths in Missouri increased 12 percent in 2020. 126 pedestrians were killed in 2020, a record high.

In May 2021, Kansas City police recorded an increase in collisions but a decrease in fatalities. In the first five months of 2021, there were 5,778 crashes in Kansas City, but only 22 people were killed.

How Frequent Are Truck Crashes in Kansas City?

About 4 percent of cars on the road are trucks, yet they account for 14 percent of fatal crashes. When a truck crashes resulting in death or serious injury, the victims are usually the passengers of the passenger vehicle.

Between 2016 and 2018, there were 86 truck accidents in Kansas City, resulting in serious injuries and 29 deaths.

Distracted Driving in Kansas City

Distracted driving is the deadliest driving behavior. In 2018, the CDC stated that distracted driving caused more than 2,800 deaths and 400,000 injuries in the United States.

The Missouri Road Safety Alliance claims a 30 percent increase in distracted driving and cell phone-related accidents. Between 2016 and 2020, 400 people were killed by distracted driving in Missouri. Sixteen of the incidents occurred in Jackson County, which includes Kansas City.

Common Causes of Accidents in Kansas City

The Kansas City Regional Traffic Safety Blueprint provides a comprehensive analysis of traffic accidents from 2013 to 2017.

Many factors contribute to most collisions. According to the survey, the most common are:

  • Seventy percent of all accidents involved lane departures, resulting in 725 fatalities and 3,547 serious injuries.
  • 51% of accidents involved collisions with fixed objects, resulting in 534 fatalities and 2,763 serious injuries
  • 41% of accidents involving unrestrained passengers resulted in 435 fatalities and 2,435 serious injuries.
  • 41% of aggressive driving crashes resulted in 431 fatalities and 1,828 serious injuries.
  • Thirty-three percent of crashes involved a teenage driver, resulting in 345 fatalities and 3,114 serious injuries.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or alcohol accounted for 31 percent of accidents, resulting in 321 fatalities and 1,500 serious injuries.
  • 23% of accidents involved level bends, resulting in 246 fatalities and 1,384 serious injuries.
  • 21% of accidents occurred at intersections, resulting in 220 fatalities and 524 serious injuries.
  • Driving without a license accounted for 21 percent of crashes, resulting in 216 fatalities and 1,137 serious injuries.
  • Distracted driving accounted for 16 percent of crashes, resulting in 163 deaths and 1,010 serious injuries.

This research reveals the causes of most accidents and important variables associated with increased injuries and fatalities.

drunk driving accident

DUI accounted for about 31 percent of crashes in Kansas City from 2013 to 2017. In 2019, the Missouri Highway Patrol recorded 822 crashes in Jackson County involving drug or drunk driving. This included 442 incidents of minor property damage, 372 incidents of injury and 8 fatalities.

In 2019, these DUI incidents resulted in 361 injuries and seven deaths in Kansas City.

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